Friday, September 26, 2014


Basically inspired myself for our family photo this month. High five, self! After this little impromptu photoshoot that Maddox and I did one day while he was jumping on the couch and yelling at everyone walking by, I wanted to capture that + us.

Because a home isn't the walls that make up this house. It's not making sure that those darn pillows are all facing the same way because they're flowers and it doesn't make sense when they're upsi e down. It's not about that crooked lamp shade and how it just is that way and will never be straight and I've come to accept that. It's not about the walls and the windows and the doors, the house with the four bedrooms just waiting to be filled with all the future babies. It's about being here together. Together, that's what it's about. Because I would have my home on the other side of town or in another state or in a building with lots of other people. I would have my home in Africa or Mexico or China if it meant that these guys came with me and we were together.

And if the way that Evan and I are looking at Maddox isn't just the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is. This is definitely one of my favorites this year, if not the favorite.


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  1. awww how beautiful is this mean a for family picture just tooo perfect