Monday, August 31, 2015

8/12 [round two]

I shall call this one, "Haters Gonna Hate" because my beloved Grizzlies defeated the number one team in football this past weekend or some junk. I actually don't care that much besides for like the first half minute because football means fall is just around the corner, but I absolutely HATE when people are all up in my face about my choice of team. Like, "All I can say is, sorry for Maddox." "You suck because you like the Griz." Just stupid things (both are true) people have said to me and I'm like you should try being a decent human being and realize that my choice of team has no bearing on my personality at all and also, Go Griz. I'm so over people's attitudes right now, I might never take off my Griz shirt.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Our five-year was over a month ago, so obviously just getting around to pictures of the thing I made Evan. We are the cutest couple who does the typical anniversary theme (paper, leather, wood, whatever...), and year five is wood. I scoured Etsy and the Pin for ideas but no, my husband does not want an engraved hammer. We have thirty hammers. We don't need another. He doesn't want an engraved cutting board. I'm the cooker, so he would care zero percent about that. So, the lesson is, never include the words "anniversary" or "gift" in the search or that's basically all you're going to get. Engraved junk.

I found a super cool bedside table DIY and knew it was absolutely perfect because a) I stole his bedside table so he doesn't have one; b) it was wood; c) I could make it. I'm all about making things over buying them. So, I bought the wood, spent like 16-hours searching all over town for those damn legs (the Internet is full of LIES about where you can buy them) and hired my dad to help me out with the power tools. I basically wanted him to show me what to do since my experience with power tools is about a level zero and I prefer to keep all my fingers and toes. But he also trusts me zero percent so he took over and busted everything out and then helped me put it together.

But I did help. Swear.

Every time I walk in our room I have the urge to steal it because it's so cute. But my bedside table has two drawers and if I gave up those drawers my room would explode in nail polish and random notes that I can't throw away and all of my oils and lotions and junk that one keeps in a bedside drawer. So, I'll leave this one for Evan, the minimalist, who literally has a picture of me and one single book on it. He needs to give out lessons on minimalism. I would be the first to sign up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Maddox meets a horse

This past weekend I did a little photoshoot for one of my client's whose son is turning two in a few weeks. She needed pictures for his invites and so she asked me to come down to a little farm and bring Maddox because horses. Obviously I did and obviously it was the best time. He's seen horses, but never in person. He's also not a fan of bigger animals. Our very large seven-pound dog is about as big as he's comfortable with. So, it was a big surprise to me when Evan plopped him down on that horse and he loved it. He about didn't want to get down so we almost had to take that horse home with us. I obviously was all for that but Evan had a few reservations about getting another pet. I'm like, "LOOK AT THIS LION FACE RABBIT THING IT'S ONLY FIFTY DOLLARS WE SHOULD GET IT." Because I like animals for exactly five seconds before I am like, actually animals smell and are kind of gross. No thanks. But I really do want a horse. I shall have a horse some day. Until then. I'll probably be frequently this little farm and riding these horses to get my fix. Maddox's fix, too, because he clearly loved it. Also, beware the cute of that first picture. Little cowboy Tristan and Maddox, just holding hands like the best of buds. Excuse Maddox's tiny little black eye and cut on his face. The child definitely face-planted on a ramp at church last week. It was traumatic for everyone involved but mostly me because I'm the mom.

07/12 [round two]

Oh, hiiiiiiiiii, August. Technically we did take this picture on Friday, which was July. This I promise. Not that it even matters. Except for that it does to me. So. Hi, OCD. We took this picture the moment Evan got home from work and we were all hangry and mean to each other (except for not Evan or Maddox, just me) and we promptly took a few pictures, called it good and went to find food. I ended up getting the worst, worst, worst headache at dinner and felt like death the rest of the night, which put me in bed around 8:30 and asleep before 10. I mean, death. Hence the forgetting slash neglecting of my blog baby. But here it is. One for July. A happy, energetic two-year-old who could jump on the bed all day, every day if you'd let him.