Sunday, January 27, 2013


holy smokes. i'm the worst kind of slacker. two weeks in a row and i can't get it together. i'm pretending that there aren't only 10 weeks left [and now 9] because let me give you a peek into my life this week:

yes. that is the current state of my bathroom. i know you're jealous because you wish your entire house was covered with the finest layer of dirt and dust and that your living room had a toilet in the middle of it and that you got bronchitis from all the dust and mold spores. i CANNOT WAIT for it to just be done. and i'll share real before, during and after pictures for our first [and seriously last because i'm 1 second away from just burning this house to the ground] home improvement project.

this is real life.

i'm having chocolate ice cream for breakfast because that is how you handle situations like this.

back to me, though. 30 weeks is like super mega pregnant. because it means that there are only ten weeks to go. YIKES. [something about me: i like to point out the obvious.] on friday the baby did not stop moving once. i had a doughnut and some orange juice and all the sugar went to the babe. and there is a foot in my rib cage pretty consistently but the babe pushed so hard right below my rib that i literally had a tumor outside of my stomach in the shape of a baby heel for a few seconds. and it was the coolest thing ever. i love that i get to feel the baby from the inside but feeling it from the outside is equally as amazing.

also? i've converted to the "she" side. evan thinks i'm crazy but 1. all i want is chocolate ice cream (along with other sweets); 2. all the wives tales point to girl at this point in my pregnancy; 3. what fun is it to be on the same team as evan? 4. my friend erin keeps sending me adorable pictures of baby/girl items; 5. obviously all the little girl stuff is way cuter than the little boy stuff and 6. i bought a tutu because it was on clearance and i couldn't resist it.

TEAM GIRL. holla.

evan is the cutest. he had a meeting at work and a super bowl party and so was dressed all biz caz but also had a bears hat on. major heart eyes at that guy. also my anthro dress STILL fits, so major heart eyes at that, too.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


let's just ignore the fact that i'm writing this on day 1 of week 30. it was just one of those weeks. let me tell you: these third trimester hormones are NO joke. i don't really feel any different, i'm not crying left and right but i know that when i get upset with evan over asking what i want for lunch, that something isn't right. but we reconciled over pizza and pretty little liars. so it was okay.

[when i was little i had no idea where babies came from. like, where they grew, came from. not where they came from, came from. even though i didn't know that either. but i specifically remember holding my doll up to my mom and telling her she was pregnant and had babies in her teeth. kids, man.]

but there are eleven weeks until i no longer have the uncontrollable urge to pee 24/7. even after i pee. i take two steps and gotta go again. that is my least favorite part about this. this baby may be suspended in fluid but this baby sure is not weightless while sitting on top of my bladder. and also my bladder is the best punching bag in the world.

but THE BEST part about having to pee 24/7 is how we are remodeling our upstairs bathroom and evan is a nazi and won't even let me in it to pee. not even at 2, 3 4 or 5 am. so i have to go alllll the way downstairs to our other bathroom. he even duct taped the door shut so i wouldn't go in there. i mean, really.

evan also won't let me dye my hair EVEN THOUGH i googled "is it okay to dye your hair in the 3rd trimester?" and i found an answer from an ex-model who had to have her hair dyed every 2 weeks and didn't know she was pregnant and was still dying her hair in her first trimester but then her son turned out okay and in fact he took the SAT's at age 12 and scored in the top 25%. AND EVAN STILL WON'T LET ME DYE MY HAIR. and i mean, that was a pretty convincing argument.

and now i'm down to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks. which is really going to make time fly by. at the last appointment my blood pressure was the lowest it has ever been (100/75) and i was like, "is my heart even working?!" you would think it would be pumping extra hard to build up this baby but i guess it ain't no thang for my heart.

and also the nurse said to us, "you guys are having a girl, right?" so. apparently we're having a girl? just kidding, i don't think she actually knows and maybe she just got us mixed up with someone else. it would be a total shock because we still think it's a boy. but then that makes me think it's a girl. which makes my head hurt. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

[my girl]






you guys. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?! that isn't even fair.
from those adorable two front teeth that made it impossible for her not to smile to the most gorgeous young lady.
and that hair?! what in the world. i'm ordering time to slow down right this moment.
i know it's a bit confusing because she looks like a teenager but let me assure you that she most certainly is not. the girl who took these last two pictures assures me that she still wears and cherishes her hot wheels shirt [see above] so she's still my little boyish girl.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


somehow, 28 weeks have gone by and i'm only 12 weeks away from meeting this little gymnastic loving babe. let me tell you. this kid is NOT a soccer player or a football player. this kid is a gymnast who has already mastered the trampoline that is my bladder. especially from 3-4 in the morning. which is fine. i get up like 8 times and neither evan or i get any real sleep, but luckily i'm in bed by 9 these days. so i've pretty much gotten a full night's rest before this little performance starts.

besides that, this week is SO much better than last week. friday, when i thought my body was going to crumple up and give out, i laid on the couch for the entire evening and did not move and the pain promptly went away. and hasn't been back since. i even had a huge rush of energy this week and NO ONE told me about the third trimester energy, so.

also, evan and i got down to business and we bought a crib, dresser, rocking chair and rug for the nursery. we have a plan to demolish and reconstruct our bathroom [STARTING THIS WEEKEND THANK GOD] and we have a list of things to get done around the house before baby. all we needed was a little bit of "ONLY TWELVE WEEKS LEFT OH MY GOSH" motivation to snap us into reality. i'm super anxious to finish the nursery so i can just hang out in there. it's currently full of boxes of things that need assembling and i have too many ideas rolling around in my head about decorations and pictures and a mobile. BUT. i'm setting us a deadline just in case this baby decides that 12 weeks is too long.

evan and i have also started getting up earlier and eating breakfast together [well, he goes to the gym and i roll out of bed right before he comes home like the lazy bum i am] and it's my favorite part of the day. it's way better to sit and enjoy breakfast rather than rush through it while i do my hair and make up. and he makes the best spinach and mushroom omelets.

if i could go back and tell my 18-year-old self one thing, it would be to NOT pierce your damn belly button! i have not had jewelry in that stupid thing in years and it will not close up and really just wants to be the center of attention. but my belly button that can't decide if it's an innie or an outtie or just a flattie is the real center of attention around here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


to the man who laughs at me while i curse the neighbor's barking dog...i love you.

to the man who sat with me after dinner and just talked about us...i love you.

to the man who hugged me for five uninterrupted minutes because i had a bad day and wasn't a nice person...i love you.

to the man who drives me to work and picks me up because it makes my days...i love you.

to the man who brings me lunch and stops in to see me before heading off to work...i love you.

to the man who is intentional in his relationship with me...i love you.

to the man who sings me to sleep every night...i love you.

to the man who watches pretty little liars with me...i love you.

to the man who paints my toenails...i love you.

to the man who tells me every single day, "you're the cutest pregnant lady ever"...i love you.

to the man who holds my fears and frustrations...i love you.

 to the man who is my best friend...i love you.

this picture. oh how i love this picture. i found it while scanning my blog for a specific something and fell in love with it all over again. i might frame it. maybe wallpaper the nursery with it. [i am not pregnant here and also i miss that sweater.]

Friday, January 4, 2013


thank sweet baby jesus it is friday. seriously, i could not go one more day in this week. my body is d o n e, done. and that is my fault because i took 11 days off of work to enjoy christmas and i was all, "self, you take those 3 naps every single day. self, don't put on a bra. self, no pants." and then i had to go back to the real world where it's work chairs instead of cozy beds and bras and pants are mandatory. and i hate it.

this week is also one in a series we've titled, "When All Our Things Break for No Reason at All. And It's Really Fun Except for That It's Not." first it was the TV. a week outside of it's manufacture warranty (we bought the extended warranty but that was a joke). then it was the hot water heater that flooded our basement and ruined the carpet just this side of needing to be replaced. then it was my car. my precious baby car that wouldn't start and almost needed a new fuel pump but then it was just the air filter. to which i give the side eye.

so it's been really fun over here. buying all these unnecessary things because we're "adults" and junk.

and on sunday i will be in the 3rd trimester. i don't even understand how the heck that happened. i remember back in september thinking how impossibly far away april seemed. how it felt like this pregnancy was going to be 9 years, not 9 months. well JUST KIDDING. because how the heck does time even move that fast? lately, as in the past 2 days, my stomach has hurt SO bad. it feels like i ate a bajillion grapes. have you ever done that? let me give you a piece of advice: don't. it just feels....tired. i don't know how to describe it. it's sore. and tired. there's probably a lot of movement and stretching going on in there. and all my insides don't have very much room to live so they're squished and probably pissed off about that. i just want to lay in my bed for another 11 days and then another 11 after that.

and if you're wondering, pre-natal vitamins are great for your hair. i love them. evan really dislikes me sometimes because i wash my hair like once a week but this is unwashed day 2 hair and i'm not going to argue with it.