Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Maddox meets a horse

This past weekend I did a little photoshoot for one of my client's whose son is turning two in a few weeks. She needed pictures for his invites and so she asked me to come down to a little farm and bring Maddox because horses. Obviously I did and obviously it was the best time. He's seen horses, but never in person. He's also not a fan of bigger animals. Our very large seven-pound dog is about as big as he's comfortable with. So, it was a big surprise to me when Evan plopped him down on that horse and he loved it. He about didn't want to get down so we almost had to take that horse home with us. I obviously was all for that but Evan had a few reservations about getting another pet. I'm like, "LOOK AT THIS LION FACE RABBIT THING IT'S ONLY FIFTY DOLLARS WE SHOULD GET IT." Because I like animals for exactly five seconds before I am like, actually animals smell and are kind of gross. No thanks. But I really do want a horse. I shall have a horse some day. Until then. I'll probably be frequently this little farm and riding these horses to get my fix. Maddox's fix, too, because he clearly loved it. Also, beware the cute of that first picture. Little cowboy Tristan and Maddox, just holding hands like the best of buds. Excuse Maddox's tiny little black eye and cut on his face. The child definitely face-planted on a ramp at church last week. It was traumatic for everyone involved but mostly me because I'm the mom.

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