Saturday, April 30, 2011

Larissa is sick.

Again. And again. And again. And again.

Over it.

So I went to the doctor, sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, sat in the room awkwardly while the male nurse told me how he learned German and lived in Honduras for two weeks (all inspired by my Africa tattoo, yet he has no idea what it means because he did all the talking...?), had a negative strep test, almost a double ear infection, and am being referred to the ENT for tonsil removal.

I basically have a two week window for them to rip these babies out of my head because Nick is graduating from high school, people are getting married, I'm going to a family reunion slash wedding, and hopefully getting a job.  Um plus it is summer and I am not spending my summer recouping from surgery. And that is that.

The doctor looked in my throat and said, "That looks sore." Are. You. Freaking. Sure.????? It is colors that no throat should be...grey, white, red, rashy... (Oh yeah because I might be allergic to chloraseptic spray that I've basically been chugging for the past 48 hours. Whoops.)

Super stoked for such a great start to my summer, slash the greatest birthday present ever, slash feeling sick for over a week.

I'm going to stop being whiney now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I was 5 months early...

...To the Royal Wedding.

But I was still there so it's basically like I was invited. Oh, and Princess Catherine's dress is stunning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love my husband.

We spent some time playing with our new camera and his cute little face and my beautiful ring. So much fun.

I love him so.

This is not a joke.

First, last night Evan's back hurt. So I forced him to take medicine. Which he never does because he hates it. So he read the label like a good little pill popper and um...Advil needs to hire someone to spell check their junk. For serious.

I know it's hard to read so let me just inform you of what it says:
Bullet point number one: "Have 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product."
Bullet point number two: "Take more or for a longer time than directed."

bahahaha. Fail, advil, fail.

Second, here are some pictures from my newwww camera and Easter that I'm just getting around to posting because I may or may not be 1. lazy and 2. sick. Yes, sick. Lovely.

My little Ginger Bean.

Pretty flowers at Mema's house.

Pretty little Ging.

Easter feeties.

Pretty pattern on my Easter dress.

Little Snap.
Not so pretty Ging.
I. Love. My. New. Camera. 

SO much. It's going to be such a lovely weekend, I'm going to take it out and about and play with it some more. And then I'm going to shoot a wedding and make a million dollars and be famous. The end.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've known about this for weeks but had to keep my big mouth shut because it was a super huge secret but it was finally released to the public on Easter Sunday and I am beyond ecstatic for July 27-30 because........

(I'm so good at run-on sentences. Don't ever get in a run-on sentence contest with me. My life is one big run-on sentence.)

(David Crowder, creation fest west 2010)
The. David. Crowder. Band. is coming to my church for high school camp!!!!


David Crowder. THE David Crowder.

I saw him last year (for free!!!) because of my internship and now, I do not have to drive 12 hours, stay in a tent for a week, shower once, and eat warm turkey sandwiches because he is coming to my church.

Evan and I have been on a DCB kick lately and I cannot get enough of the song "How He Loves." This song came on the other day while I was cleaning my bedroom. Evan was washing the dishes and I was just so overcome by just the very first line "He is jealous for me."

God is good. SO good.

(So is the David Crowder Band. Srsly. Check. Them. Out.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Fifteen

(Ignore how I'm posting this on a Monday and not Sunday. Sunday was crazy busy good. Plus it's my blog, I do what I want.)

142. Having a mother who will listen to all my problems, and consoles me. Who will also help me set up my sewing machine, yell at it with me when it doesn't do what we want, and practice making 900 button holes until we get real good. Oh, she also drinks loads of tea with me, clips articles she thinks I would love, and has 4891039 projects for us. She's the best. Love you, mom.

143. How Glee music is way better than the original. Don't even try and deny it. Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhhhh. =]

144. Humungo tax returns.

145. When Evan sings the ridiculous karaoke songs that I pick out for him. (Katy Perry, J. Beibs, NSYNC...) PS. That is true love. Srsly.

146. Singers who play the piano rather than the guitar. (Nothing wrong with the guitar. Just 15 years of piano makes me a little partial. Plus the piano is sexy. Hello, Alicia Keys and Regina.)

147. Nights out with a million friends. Some of the biggest laughs I've had in a long time. "I emptied my bladder. Time to fill 'er up!" "I would leave my in-labor wife to come watch you Karaoke." "My hope for the future is that there will be karaoke bars in hospital waiting rooms."

148. Being comfortable enough around Evan to be in complete, unawkward silence.

149. New camera. love. <3333321

150. Making one bag of Cadburry mini eggs last over a week.

151. Naps in the sunlight with Evan and waking up to the sound of laughter.

Friday, April 22, 2011

How about some embarrassing childhood pictures?


I asked my mom to send me some pictures for a guest post I'm doing in a few weeks and instead she sent me 400 pictures from my childhood because she is the best mom. They're mostly adorable, of course, but I did have my embarrassing moments. But they're great. So here they are for the world to enjoy.

I even loved tea way back as a 2 year old. Also note the giant stuffed animal tiger. He was my best friend.

Yeah. I almost have no words. But then I wipe away the tears and notice my hair (omg who let me cut it like that?! MOM!!!), my JORTS pulled up to my boobs, the cat shirt, those fake stinky Dr. Martens. Oh gosh. So good! (PS. At Flintstone town? Or something? South Dakota.)

Yes it does look like she's choking me. And yes we match. She was my babysitter (Grace) and yes my parents did leave me alone with a very old lady.

She loves me a little more in this picture. With my hella fat leggity legs.

Three generations, Grandma, Mom, me.

Baby brudda.

I am having such a good time in this picture!!! I LOVE MY MOM! I AM SO HAPPY TO GRADUATE IN MY WRINKLY GOWN AND MESSY HAIR! HORRAY!

Rewind to 1990. Love my bubbles. On my birthday. In the tulip garden. Love love love love love.

Super stoked here, too. I had a really great life. This was my very first ice skating competition.

I have a lot of hair, perhaps even a five head? Inconclusive evidence. Oh, and Nick's holy jeans. I love that kid.

I'm really good at spackeling. And wearing socks and sandals. That was also my favorite hairdo. Can you tell? I wear it in every. single. picture.

Once again, lovin my life with that great haircut!

Awwwwww!!! Before my mom took me to my very first wedding. For which I was completely terrified of the "first kiss" and I was so worried about being embarrassed in front of my mom. (It wasn't that bad.) (Oh, and the couch. Yep. Totally had that couch until I was in highschool. It's so awesome.)

Senior prom. 1. That dress was 2 sizes too big and the lady who altered it did suuuuch a crappy job. 2. I had strep throat. 3. That's my Mema. 4. Hated my hair. 5. Wearing flipflops.

Yes! Shag carpet.

I live in a box with that hair.
My uncle found that outfit on a plane. AKA I'm adorable.


Not impressed with my grandparents.

Do you live in Billings? Do you remember the train?! Sweetest childhood playground ever. Annnnd now it's gone. Sad day.

Childhood pictures are the best. I should dig up some of Nick, he is the funniest kid, ever. Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!


My birthday still isn't for one week and three days, but who's counting right? But, I confronted Evan about why in the world he had not yet questioned me about what sorts of gifties I wanted. (I'm kind of a spoiled brat. Let's not go there about this conflict in how I go to Africa and still really really really want all sorts of pretty things. K? K.) I just wanted to know if he had even thought about it because hello, birthday, wife, first year of marriage? Get. It. Together. Babe.  (Also maybe he needed to know my jean size or something. You know. I have about 43 other reasons to save my behind if you need them.)

Anyway. I've reaaaaaaally been wanting a new camera for about a long time. Meaning, I don't really need one. I have a perfectly good camera. I just want a fancier one for our future babies, our future trips, and our future home.

Well, Evan didn't disappoint. He is even letting me have it ten days early so I can play with it and have lots of nice pretty birthday pictures.

(AH! I could just scream I'm so stoked!!! Also, unrelated note: I've worn my hair curly for exactly one week. It is getting curlier, and looks way better in real life. Ignore the way photobooth hates me. When I decide to straighten my hair again, it should be a good inch to an inch and a half longer. Then maybe I won't want to chop it off.)

I am SO freaking excited! I have so many upcoming events to take thousands of pictures at...Easter, Nick's graduation party, Nick's graduation, summer, anniversary, summer trips including hikes and camping!, Evan's birthday, Ethiopia...oh. my. gosh. AH!

Evan, you are the best husband ever. I love you. xo 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Fourteen

131. Lights at the end of long, dark, dreadful tunnels. 

132. This picture that another Ethiopia(n) loving America took of my favorite girl, and I die:

133. The words Relient K sings to me. Gosh, I love them. A. "If your words are true or not, I'll die trying to prove them." B. "But our hearts are all we'll get to bring so let's go ahead and make them worth something." Beautiful.

134. Finding something in Hobby Lobby. I heard that place is like the third level of hell or something. So when you find something, after 4 and a half days of searching, you can finally leave. (My favorite is when they ask you at check out, "Did you find everything okay?" Define "okay." My definition would include me walking past the manager with a dazed look on my face approximately 10 times and him asking me if I need help finding something, which he most certainly did not. But your definition includes employees who are more focused on restocking the clothes pins and doll furniture than helping someone find a stupid shadow box. My definition would also include labels on the aisles so I don't have to walk 6 miles to the end of one to realize that none of this junk is what I want. So no, I didn't find anything. Okay?) Thanks for letting me rant. paaahah

135. Going for a walk with Evan and my pups. From my house to downtown to the bank and to lunch. AND wearing Chacos because it's almost summer time!!!! (PS. Now my feet hurt SO bad. I haven't worn Chacos since Africa and my feet hate me. Sorry feet.)

136. Passing out from sheer tiredness before 10:30. We are 80.

137. "Friday" by Rebecca Black. How can you NOT love this song? Serious. You should just hear the 40 new renditions I have come up with. (PS. There is a "Friday" Pandora Station. It is terrible, don't waste your time.)

138. The things Evan says to me: "I will love you every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year for ever and ever." I die. Or, on a lighter note. "I went to VBS at like a hundred different churches."-me "I know, you were super Christian."-Ev. I'm always crying. Either out of pure love, or silliness. But I'm always crying.

139. Evan branching out his restaurant choices and taking me to the new Thai restaurant everyone has been raving about. PS. now I'm raving. Love it.

140. Thrifting with Jamie, equals first of many new good things to come.

141. A baptism party. How awesome to celebrate this commitment with a freaking partay. Party people. And the first BBQ of the season. Of many. Because let's be honest, I heart Bee Bee Que's.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My lil lip baaaalm.

Sometimes, when I get really bored, I do my hair. And then I put my extensions in. And then I find a stash of makeup I haven't used in a while. And then I experiment with that. And then I find red lipstick. And then I decide to put it on. I kind of like it.....

Excuse how white I look, photobook likes to really take advantage of that aspect of me.

I will probably take it off before I go to church since a) I never wear lipstick and b) this might be just a little too ris-kaaay for church. We'll see. I'm probably going to go purchase a stash of lipsticks to play with.

"Ooooh I gotta put on some lipstick cuz these crusty crusts.....these crusty crust lips I got. I can't find my lil lipbalm. My lil liiip baaaalm." (Watch that and entertain yourselves for days.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Loss.

Today I'm writing an article for our local newspaper on loss. Of course I'm hoping it gets published, but it is the most therapeutic thing I've ever done.  And if it does happen to be printed, I'll share it.

I knew writing was a release, but not like this. I can just feel my spirit letting go of the fear and anger I've held onto for what will be four years this July.

But this time, we're celebrating life.

Love you, mom. <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today is perfect.

Today has been such a nice day. Such a relief. It was 70 degrees here, which is practically summer if you ask me, so I wore a tank top and Chacos! I could not be more excited for summer when that is an everyday occurrence.

Anyway, Evan had to work this morning but he got off early so we decided to talk a walk with the puppies. We walked all the way to the bank and then decided we were hungry so we walked three more blocks to get burritos. Apparently, the bank is a lot further than we thought. I was practically dragging Snap by the leash because her little leggies were just so tired. I'm pooped now, too. My feet hate me, and my legs are water. But it's okay because the vitamin D was just what I needed.

I've also been wanting to make a jewelry holder for ever and ever now. I've seen some really great ones all over blogland but a) I didn't want to build anything because I don't build and b) I didn't want it to be super intricate and intense because more than likely I'd finish half of it and then it would lay in my craft closet for a year and a half till Evan convinced me to throw it away.

But! I found a good idea for one in my mother's Martha Stewart catalog that involves a shadow box, pretty paper, and cup hooks. Super easy! (However, not so easy when Hobby Lobby likes to hide the junk you need.) Anyway, it's also good if you have a brother who likes to do all the hard work on your projects. I.E. Screwing in the cup hooks because I'm a whimp. So that helps.

I die. I laove it.