Monday, April 11, 2011

Today is perfect.

Today has been such a nice day. Such a relief. It was 70 degrees here, which is practically summer if you ask me, so I wore a tank top and Chacos! I could not be more excited for summer when that is an everyday occurrence.

Anyway, Evan had to work this morning but he got off early so we decided to talk a walk with the puppies. We walked all the way to the bank and then decided we were hungry so we walked three more blocks to get burritos. Apparently, the bank is a lot further than we thought. I was practically dragging Snap by the leash because her little leggies were just so tired. I'm pooped now, too. My feet hate me, and my legs are water. But it's okay because the vitamin D was just what I needed.

I've also been wanting to make a jewelry holder for ever and ever now. I've seen some really great ones all over blogland but a) I didn't want to build anything because I don't build and b) I didn't want it to be super intricate and intense because more than likely I'd finish half of it and then it would lay in my craft closet for a year and a half till Evan convinced me to throw it away.

But! I found a good idea for one in my mother's Martha Stewart catalog that involves a shadow box, pretty paper, and cup hooks. Super easy! (However, not so easy when Hobby Lobby likes to hide the junk you need.) Anyway, it's also good if you have a brother who likes to do all the hard work on your projects. I.E. Screwing in the cup hooks because I'm a whimp. So that helps.

I die. I laove it.

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  1. oh my! i NEED to make that jewlery holder... right now all my earrings and bracelets are in a large pile :(

    this day did sounds perfect, hope the rest of your week will be just as good!

  2. That is such a great idea! I've been wanting to make a jewelry holder out of chicken wire and an old frame! Yours looks so easy though!

  3. My earrings were all over my spare bedroom and my cat likes to find them and play with them. So something needed to be done.
    @Kaleena- I'm obsessed with it hahaha You could put the hooks in wherever you want to have room for bracelets and earrings and necklaces if you needed.
    @Amy-I love the chicken wire idea! You could use chicken wire instead of the cup hooks. My shadow box is kind of vintage looking with the wood, so
    I think the chicken wire would look sweet!

  4. Oh that did look like a perfect day! It so funny when you assume a place is closer than you think. It has happen to me plenty of times, lucky I have always driven to those locations. I'm loving your jewelry holder. I had one done last year through Etsy and I don't really like it whatsoever.

  5. HIYA! so glad to meet another larissa! even the right spelling too! ahah

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am going to spend some time read over your lovely little blog!

  6. @Larissa, you are SO right. Our name is spelled correctly. Even though everyone in my world spells it WRONG. Annoying. Haha <3

  7. that's neat! I'm going to look into that.

    I love Rocket Burrito!

  8. I recognize that Rockets sign! I haven't been there in awhile, I should really go soon!

  9. @ Jessica Rockets is the very best! I love how cute and antique and fun it is in there. Oh, and the food is good. So that's a bonus.