Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Thirteen.

119. Playing Angry Birds before bed with Evan. And being awesome at it. 

120. Staying up till 2:00 am talking. 

121. Early morning devos.

122. Sit ups and planks. And yoga and pilates.

123. Evan's support and encouragement and motivation to lose weight and get in shape.

124. Grandparents.

125. Life.

126. Evan planning out his our future. Just like we always wanted.

127. In home movies with the love of my life. And that he will run to the gas station at 12:00 to fix my sugar crave and get us some yumyums.

128. Realizing I stood up for myself twice this year. Which is pretty much quadrupled the times I have stood up for myself my whole, entire life. (Unless you count that incident outside of the grocery store when I yelled at that lady for throwing her cigarette on the ground a foot away from the cigarette can and it pissed me off because I had been inhaling her second hand smoke air for like 30 feet and now someone else gets to pick up her stupid sweaty cigarette but and get finger cancer. ....So...yeah. That makes three, I guess.) Pretty proud of myself.

129. Blisters from working in the yard. With my dad and bro. Family time! (And then later on with my mom, hi mom!)

130. The smell of Evan's car. Takes me right back to our first dates when he'd pick me up and take me to parks, or dinner, or church, or wherever. I haven't ridden in his car in probably 5 months. It was seriously so comforting I almost cried. BUUUUT I'm all cried out. So I didn't.

3 loves:

  1. The CAMR loves you too. Just so you know...she told me.

  2. I love these posts! And staying up late and talking is porbably my favorite. It doesn't happen often with us but when it does it's always so fun!

  3. @Amy, thanks. It's fun to look back on my week because I would totally forget all this stuff had happened. Obviously not all of it, but some little things tend to be forgotten. Evan and I have been staying up so late talking lately. It's totally uncharacteristic of us, but it is so good for my spirit. Even if I get negative hours of sleep. ha oh well.