Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want to erase today from 2:45 on from ever happening.

Because from 12:00-2:30 I was vintage and antiquing with Mandi, having a great time. We were laughing about all the ridiculous pins that people used to wear. A pineapple? A squirrel with a pearl tail and a blingy nut? Sparkle nut. He now has a name. And a home. On Mandi's work blazer. Anyway, vintage shopping with girls is like 19075094 times better than shopping with boys because Evan is impatient and frugal and doesn't appreciate the value of things like girls do.

Anyway, I came home and that's where today should have ended. Of course, my internet stopped working because Qwest is a little bitch. I called and they called me Larry like 500 times. My name is not Larry. I told the guy like 6 times and he READ it off the computer and continued to call me Larry. Not okay. He argued with me about how I'm related to Evan (who is the account holder) and then how Evan needs to call and okay them putting me on the account. Are you FREAKING kidding me? I call every other week to complain about their less than stellar service and crappy account management and everything else that a 2-year-old monkey could do better.

The guy was suuuuuuuch a jerk to me I freaked out, screamed at him, and hung up. I was seriously spewing fire out my ears I was so upset. And the internet still didn't work.

I was basically over reacting because a) I hadn't eaten anything all day and b) I didn't get a nap. (Not having a job makes me 3.)

So I went to Taco Bell. I should have waited for Ev to get off work but I didn't. Because my blood sugar was dropping. The guy at Taco Bell was a freaking pig. He was super awkward and sketchy about giving me my food and change and beverage. He would linger at the window and talk extra slow about the survey or hot sauce or whatever. He walked away to get my food and came back not only with my bag but like 6 guys who just stood there and stared at me. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Get out. He handed me my bag and caressed my hand like a freak and I should have gotten out of my car and punched him.


I know I'm probably over reacting a little, but gross. I'm freaking wearing a wedding ring and I made no move that shows my interest in you. So don't. I should take the survey on the back of the receipt and tell them how gross their employees are.

I'm just super peeved at today. I want some Thai food and some quality time with my love. Then things will all be okay.

PS. My new fave purse I just bought, yeah broke. Thanks TJMaxx. So I returned it and bought a new Guess purse that is SO adorbs. I'm still peeved about my giganto one because it held everything (hence probs why it broke).

So whatever, today can just die.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving on.

Yesterday was my very last day of work. Bittersweet, a little, but mostly joyous.

I am so thankful to be done dealing with brides who think they rule the world. Who think whatever the hell they want should be here in less than a month. And it's stupid that out of all 307 or whatever stores in the country and Canada, no one has any stock of what they want, which by the way, is my fault. Me, a little measly wedding consultant in good old Montana has control over order times, inventory, and shipping costs. Surprise! I run the world.

And now, I'm done I'm done I'm done.

I will miss my friends, and my little miss naughty Bjorg. I didn't point anything at her yesterday so it was kind of a waste. But I did get one good last picture of her and she didn't protest too much.

Mandi and I finished my day with dindin at BWW which was insane because of March Madness AND a Saturday night. They were out of like 910413 things so they couldn't make my favorite drink which was the saddest part of the whole day.

But oh well.

I'm moving on with my life. Moving on to bigger and better things for Larissa. And I am so excited for the plans He has for me. For us. Church this morning was all about facing your fears and walking through them, not expecting God to take them away because He can. And what a better message to hear as I end this chapter in my life, and begin working towards the things that will bring meaning and joy and happiness to my life and to those around me. It was just what we needed to hear as we embark on a new journey with no idea where we're being taken.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week of thanks, Week Eleven.

100. Squelching rumors with Mandi at work. In the bra and slip room.

101. My last week of work! Oh my gosh, so, so, so thankful.

102. Painting my bathroom in one day, like a professional Cook painter. =]

103. Staying up till 2:00 am playing Mario Party with Evan and laughing about the ridic things that come out of our mouths. "I hope it curdles in your bladder and you pee cottage cheese." "How many do I have? One....and one in the quiet place."

104. Huuuuuuuuuuge paychecks.

105. Dinner with Mandi.

106. New friends, see prev.

107. Shopping. Equals a new purse (oh I am in love, homies, L-O-V-E, love.) and gardenia candle.

108. Last day everrrr at DB. Whoot!!!

109. This video. Cracks me up!!! Thanks to Cody, I now have 400 new sayings. Whaterrrrr.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our date day.

Last week Evan and finally were able to spend an entire day off together and get out of town for a quick little, sweet little Valentine's getaway.

We drove an hour to this perfect little town...
And I blasted Lady Gaga and Keri Hilson and Evan was not impressed.

We waited for over an hour for the best chicken salad with hot peppers on the face of the planet and I was starving and forgot to take a picture before I gobbled it down.

We drove to our deserted house where we took engagement pictures two and a half years ago...

And I wore my brand new jacket that I am so so so so so in love with and pretty much never take it off.
And that house needs some serious TLC and about 2ish million dollars of love poured into it.

We played house for like an hour.

And I'm so in love with all that amazing wallpaper. Except most of it is falling off and eaten through. It's the most depressing thing ever. (I was in the rain for less than 15 seconds and that's what happened to my hair. Curly hair can go die.) (And Snap is finally white again! Hooray!!! I gave her a haircut and chopped off the rest of the gray. She's one cute dog again.)

I. Want. That. House.

Evan and I spent the day being together, eating out at our favorite places, laughing, playing Wii, and dancing. It was such a perfect, and much needed day off together.

And guess what?! We have this Thursday off together. I'm sure it won't be as adventurous but I'm sure I can convince him to do something. (uh, since good ole MT decided we needed to rewind to winter again today. Gross.)

Oh, ps. Dyed my hair red. Not ginger red, but like hot sexy red. Baha. I loveeee it! And it was mostly an accident.

Pictures to probs come tomorrow when it actually looks semi decent and junk.

And ps2. I want to kill my job. Thank God for 2 more shifts. I am so over drama. Ethiopia, here we come.

Oh hi, baby Riss and Evan. Our engagements from a year and a halfish ago. Is that wall paper not the best thing you've ever seen? Love. I should have stolen a sample! And probs brought asbestos and cancerous mold into my home. Ps. Ignore Evan in that second picture. Thanks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Ten.

93. Having similar work schedules so we can finally be together.

94. Slow dancing to our song in the dark.

95. Playing Mario Party and laughing at the things that come out of my mouth. "I think you might have tourettes." 

96. Date days.

97. Date nights.

98. Wonderful, wonderful brides.

99. Having a clean house when I leave work sick (there's my sick for the month of March) because I have the best husband in the entire world.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Nine.

85. My Girl Scout cookie order finally arriving! And I'm going to eat them all and not feel one bit guilty.

86. Homemade dindin with Evan. And a bottle of wine. And chocolate and fruit for dessert.

87. Figuring out that if you elevate your feet, they stop hurting.

88. Haircut! New shampoo! New conditioner! Soft hair! Best!

89. Evan having dinner ready when I got home.

90. Brand new North Face.

91. A nice, fat paycheck.

92. Worship and church.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Casting my cares.

I cannot even handle these Tsunami pictures and videos right now. My heart is just breaking for all those people.

Also, my mom is in San Diego and I'm all sorts of stressed about that. She said there were only some "small" waves this morning and nothing came ashore. But that doesn't make my anxiety go down.

And a 13-year-old girl was hit tonight when she was crossing a really busy street in my city. And my poor, poor dad had to go clean up and fix traffic because he feels bad making his employees do that.

I'm just a mix of sad and confused emotions and I just really need to cry it all out real quick.

1Peter 5:7.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 photos

I saw this on Danielle's blog and thought it was such a fun little photo roundup. So, here I am participating!

Click here to check hers out.

01/ Someone you spend a lot of time with: (Evan. Duh.)

02/ A picture of you: (me and a giraffe that is. Kenya)

03/ A random picture of you and your signif other: (Taken by an Ethiopian child.)

 baaahaha, I'm so funny. But seriously, sometimes they don't know where to aim. Here is take two:
 (Note Andrea in the back ground getting the image of like 4 kids trying to figure out the camera.)

04/ A picture of something that makes you happy: (Evan playing dad. Because when that time comes, he'll be so good at it.)

05/ An old picture of you: (From my Myspace days, of course. Also don't judge me, I was like 18 in this picture and was all about the three things I could do on photoshop.)

06/ A picture of your sibling: (An oldie but goodie.)

07/ A picture you've never posted on your blog before: (Candid. Love it.)

08/ A picture of a person you miss: (My grandparents. That's my grandpa. We were buds.)

09/ A picture of people who know you now and then: (Allie.)

10/ A picture of your favorite place: (Ethiopia.)

11/ A person you tell everything to: (My husband. Of course.)

12/ A picture of your everyday life: (My car. Because I have a cute flower AND I love my car.)

13/ A picture from a place you love: (Betcha can't guess where. haha)

14/ A picture that reminds you of great times: (Evan's 21st birthday trip to Denver.)

15/ A class photo: (First, please excuse the crappy picture of a picture. Hate. Second, doll. Baha jk. But not really. This is me preschoolish? The back says that I'm 4.5. I freaking loveeeed that 101 Dalmations sweat suit. Bomb. Also, where did that hair volume go and why is my hair straight?)

16/ A picture from the best day of your life: (Wedding.)

17/A picture that always makes you laugh: (We got a little stir crazy during homework hour.)

18/ A picture of your spare time: (Reading slash cuddling with the cat.)

19/ A photo from a great night: (21st birthday. Erin is going to kill me.)

20/ A picture of the people who are closest to you: (Welcome to the 90's. Defs my family. Contain your "awwwws," I know I was freakin adorable. And then so was Nick.)

(So many great things are happening in this picture. My mom's hair, my dad who could very well be photoshopped into every family picture from '88 on because he didn't change [he was there. promise.], my long zippered white washed jeans and tucked in shirt, that sunglasses pin [wtf.], Nick's uneven suspenders, Nick's hair [he's blonde? and this was like 2 months prior to his rat tail phase.], my mom's shirt which I'm pretty sure she still has. So great. Love my family and our photos.)

21/ A picture of someone you always have a good time with: (The bf's. Excuse my hair.)

22/ A picture of your parents when they were your age: (Aaaahhahahahaha. Ha. Okay, they are actually not 23 in this picture, they're older. But I couldn't find any other pictures so this will do. Aren't my dad's glasses the very best? He got LASIK and my mom cut her hair, don't worry. And that's me. I'm a chunk.)

23/ A picture from last summer: (In Florida at Hollywood Studios.)

24/ A photo of your closet friend of the opposite sex: (Brandon, Cody, Geoff, Ryan, Joe, Cam. Bffs. Baha. Oh also, thanks for opening a million bottles of champagne.)

25/ A picture of you on your favorite vacation: (Ethiopia will always be my favorite. Ignore my dirt tan please, thanks.)

26/ A picture of an accomplishment: (Swimming in three oceans. Crossing things off my bucket list. This is in the Philippines, so the Philippine Sea which is the Pacific. But the warm part.)

27/ A picture of your closest friends: (for the most part, but there are others.)

28/ A random picture from photobooth: (Happy family.)

29/ A photo that makes you smile: (And I have no idea who took it. It's just so perfect.)

30/ Someone you will never let go of: (I can't pick just one. I pick Roza, Derartu, and Evan. Of course.)

It has been...

...Six months and two weeks since my last haircut.



I'm getting a haircut today ("FINALLY," my hair is screaming) and I'm going to document this process.

Yikes. I will never, ever, ever again go six months plus without a cut. My hair will never grow if I just keep killing it. (I also bought some expensive shampoo and conditioner that will treat my hair all nice and junk. Don't tell Evan.) And I don't think my hair has ever been this smooth and soft in my whole life. I can't stop touching it. And I can't believe how bad it was before! I guess I didn't notice until I got it fixed. 
Ha. Won't happen again, hair, I love you. Now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Current issues.

Target: You need to make shoes that I don't walk through.

Moosejaw: You need to send your orders faster.

FedEx: You need to deliver my damn package that has been on your truck since 5 am.

Work: You need to let me leave at my scheduled time.

People: You need to shower and shave your pitties so I don't have to be grossed out.

Work: You need to pay me more money so I can buy myself nice things.

Car: You need to stop making that funny noise because I don't have the time or funds or patience to fix you.

Cat: You need to stop being in heat because I want to kick you in the face for meowing so much.

Towels: You need to fold yourselves.

Sheets: You need to dry yourselves and remake the bed.

Evan: You need to arrange your schedule so you will see me more than once a week.

Thank you everyoneslashthing for being so accommodating.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week of thanks, Week Eight.

77.  Trying out new things for dinner: mac and cheesy cheese, stuffed portabello mushrooms with chicken, lemon and cream pasta, and almond chicken. yum yum yum.

78. The Mac and Cheese at the Brew Pub. Best m&c on earth.

79. Going grocery shopping by myself, at Walmart, at 11:00 am, and not freaking out. 

80. Rain.

81.Teaching Snap how to high five.

82. Cuddling with my puppies for hours.

83. Finally being able to sleep in.

84. The best experience at fro-yo, ever. Thanks to the few drinks we had before.