Friday, June 29, 2012


/i used to think that i had a twin somewhere out there in the universe. two of my best friends in high school were twins and i was obsessed with the idea of being a twin. can you imagine? what if you were just walking around some random town on a vacation and you ran into yourself? except it wasn't you. IT'S YOUR IDENTICAL TWIN YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT. omg. srsly.

my twin and i got that dress at target. it has pockets and stripes and that's all it needs to complete my life.

/in second grade we were taking some stupid test and i was just over it. so i pulled out my top lateral incisors. both of them. weren't even lose. just ripped em right out. BLED EVERYWHERE. i'm kind of hardcore.

/my body decided that i should be low on vitamin d and that it should hold onto any and all fluids that i drink and then my fingers decided to turn into little baby sausages and my wedding ring got stuck. here are the things i tried to get it off: ice pack. soaked my hand in a bowl of ice water. dish soap. butter. lotion. spit. elevation. olive oil. shampoo. cold shower. tape. finger exercises. massage. nothing worked. so my mom threaded a piece of suture string between my ring and finger and taped my skin down and ripped it off. it did not feel good. now my fingers need to go back to being skinny so i can wear my ring.

/my mom and my brother and i went through some old family pictures and i found this adorable gem of my brother and i playing with our first kitty (ps. nick and i are terribly allergic to cats. our parents clearly care about our well being). oh, and do you love how i HAVE A FREAKING PART IN MY BANGS WAY BACK IN '94? get out.

/i was desperately craving a cherry limeade the other day so i drove to sonic in the 1 million degree heat with the windows down because i don't believe in AC and had windblown hair (because i'm a race car driver) (plus i don't usually spend that much time on my hair anyway, i kind of believe in sleep over beauty) and was just all around being an unshowered hippie and the sonic girl said to me, "i just gotta tell you. your haircut is amazing." made my life.

/i'm not going to judge you unless you read 50 shades of gray. i am sorry, but why? how did you get past the third page with that writing? a 3-year-old has better story telling skills. i am very concerned for the future of america. (that is my rant for this post. carry on.)

/i love warm weather. i do not like to be cold. but this 100 degree heat and high humidity in this state is out of control. and the bugs. let's not talk about how many bugs manage to creep inside my house and land on my face in the middle of the night. but you know what i love? five foot lilies sprouting up along my worn fence and looking all pretty and photogenic all the time. thank you, lilies.

/my husband is the sweetest man alive. i had a rough weekend. i was not a very nice person. and he only wrapped his arms around me and loved on me and told me 100 thousand times how much he loves me and cares for me. i've never seen a person display such selfless grace and extend such love and mercy. i hate crappy weekends but they're not so bad when you have someone to walk by your side, even through those times when you least deserve it. amen to that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

today and everyday

sometimes i wonder if there will ever come a point in my relationship with evan where we are okay with not being together when we’re together. if there will ever be a time where we sit on opposite sides of the couch, or even different couches all together. where we aren’t holding hands or my legs aren’t thrown across his lap with my feet finding their way to his hands for an hour long massage. that’s a strange thought, but i’ve noticed just how much time we are together when we’re together. we just enjoy being together so it’s not hard for us to curl up and watch TV. or read books together. or talk. or be quiet and just be. if we’re both home, we’re together. we don’t sit in different rooms and do our own thing. we’re together. we have our own way of laying that happens every time we curl up for a movie: me in a tiny little ball (always a ball, always curled up) with my head on his shoulder. him with his legs draped over mine and his arms around me. it’s the most comfortable. i wonder if there’ll ever be a point, when we are like 70 where we get sick of lounging together with our movies and books. i wonder if i will force him to watch “how i met your mother” (am i seriously the only person in the world who hates this show? please, please someone! come to my defense!) in the other room while he refuses to let me bawl my eyes out over grey’s anatomy and pause and rewind and quote word-for-word my favorite scenes from the office. i know we’re still in that “newlywed” category (TWO YEARS IN TWO WEEKS, WHAT THE WHAT WHAT) where we can still stand each other. where evan hasn’t threatened me with my lack of putting shoes away or my inability to have a clean kitchen table for more than 30 seconds. where i still do his laundry even though i swear, that man will try on a shirt, decide against it and then claim it is dirty from that one minute that it was worn. and i still do his laundry and he still throws my shoes in my closet and he still pushes all my junk to one side of the table and we still curl up for movies and we still love each other.  

and i hope those things never change.

forever can never be long enough for me, to feel like i’ve had long enough with you…

Monday, June 18, 2012

the weekend

it started off with a 3-day weekend due to the start of a massive home improvement project (re-roofing our house. boo.) and ended with a 3 hour nap and some beer margaritas on my patio.  it was one of those weekends that wasn't particularly great, but i got to spend 99% of it with my husband and got to cat nap on the hammock (i do a lot of sleeping, so sue me).

/we had drinks and a bon fire with our pastor and his wife and some church friends AND the pastor who married us because she lives in utah and we love her a ton. she's easily one of my fave people on this planet. and that's a difficult spot to achieve.

/i started a new painting i am SO excited about. i can just envision it in my mind and i'm in love with it. it's on a BIG canvas which calls for a BIG paint brush.

/we went to the grocery store approximately 100 times for sandwich meat and gatorades. did you know that boys can drink about 32 gatorades every minute?

/we made about a million jokes about how old my dad is and then he got his pants caught on the ladder and almost fell off and i had major anxiety about ladders. even more than normal. i think ladders are quickly rising (see what i did there?) to the top of my fears list.


/i saw the prettiest sunsets. i know these pictures cannot do them justice. but summer time in montana has got to be the greatest ever. how does the sky even turn pink and red and purple? i sat outside every night this weekend and watched the sun light the clouds on fire as it dipped below the mountains and i fell deeper and deeper in love with my little state.

/i sliced my finger open at lowe's (the 8th stage of hell, right after hob lob and right before home depot) while buying a roll of tin. i literally picked it up, cut my thumb and thought it was a little baby papercut until the blood starting gushing out. like a stab wound. all over my shirt, all over my pants, my shoes, both my hands, down the tin, on the looked like a crime scene in that aisle. but, don't worry. i helped myself because obviously the workers are too incompetent to aide a poor, helpless, bleeding customer. WHO ALSO BLED ON HER CHANEL WALLET. don't worry, i got it off. crisis averted.

/i took a three. hour. nap. because i had a major reaction to mosquitoes (all over my legs, through my jeans? literally 2, TWO bites on my bare arms. WTF.) (because i'm super allergic, which is real fun) and then the dust (because i'm also super allergic to dust, which is also real fun). so i took a nap and sprawled out on my bed and sweated the sick right out of me. i slept through three men machine gun stapling shingles onto the roof 8 feet above my head. i swear to you, i can sleep through an.y.thing. and, AND, i slept from 3-6 and then i went to bed at 10:30. pro.

/this text from erin: "sometimes i wonder. seriously. i hate girls. minus you but you like aren't a girl. well, you are but you know what i mean." HAHAHAHAHA

/i drank about a gallon of iced passion tea. if i could only drink one thing for the rest of my life, easily that.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


it's offensive to me when people say, "you always looked like such a bitch. then i got to know you! you're actually really nice." UHHHH.

someone also once told evan that i "don't smile very much." to which i wanted to slap this person's mouth clean off.

do you see how nice i am? c'mere, i'll show you how nice i am.

just please. i smile plenty.  if i'm not smiling at you, you've clearly pissed me off.  and how are you supposed to be anyway? are you supposed to have a ridiculous smile plastered across your face at all times? i have literally been smiling this entire time. IT'S ANNOYING. and now my face hurts. maybe i should exercise my non-reason smile muscles some more. i'm telling you, i cannot sit here and smile all the damn time.  it's giving me a complex, too, because as i'm walking towards someone in the hallway at work i completely over think the exact moment of which i am supposed to smile. "is it now? how about now? right now? now? ready? GO!" and by the time i've decided it's appropriate to smile, said person has already passed me and totally is thinking to themselves about what a bitch i am for not smiling at them in the hallway. so now, now i'm just gonna fake-smile all the time. and never break eye contact. i'm going to be the most awkward. I'LL SHOW YOU. BRING IT.

i just want to know exactly which features of my face make me look like a mean person? is it my eye liner? is it too dark? too black? too much? is it my hair? my bangs? my lips? my prominent cheek bones? is it this glare i'm giving you because you just told me i have a mean looking face? Okay, but really. Which is it?

i either look like a bitch or.......a 12-year-old (girl. just to be clear. if i ever get mistaken for a boy, i will literally poke someone's eyeballs out). BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE. i know people think i'm 12 because they call me "sweetie." DO I LOOK LIKE A SWEETIE TO YOU? or, my new personal favorite: "oooooooo is that an.....................engagement.......ring?" as if i found this insanely realistic looking wedding ring at Claire's and i'm totally pretending it's an........engagement ring.  i especially love the extra emphasis on "engagement," too. like, "now, this next word i'm about to say is a big-girl word. are you ready? can you handle it?" i roll my eyes, which is totally an age-appropriate reaction, and say, "I'M DIS MANY" and hold one finger straight up.


shit girls larissa says: I'M FREAKING HILARIOUS. I CRACK MYSELF UP.

Monday, June 11, 2012


i have hoarding tendencies. i see it a lot with random junk i have to keep or die and also with evan because our time spent together is absolutely presh and i don't want to share it with anyone else. i don't like to share [him] and i firmly believe that that is mostly due to my parents not putting me in daycare so i didn't have actual human interaction until i was like 5 and so by then it was too late to teach me any sort of sharing principles. so, when i don't want to give you a bite of my dinner or a sip of my drink or share my husband time.....then take that up with them.

i also like when my husband takes pictures of me. except he sucks at being like "your hands look like you're having a seizure. stop locking your knees. fix your hair." and so really horrendous funny outtakes happen that i will never ever share with the world, but believe me, they're there.

also noteworthy is our ability to squeeze eight episodes of dexter and a bunch of episodes of park and rec into a single weekend. we are aware that we a) have no lives and b) enjoy doing absolutely nothing together. 

someone please ask me when we plan on having children and then refer back to this entire blog.

Friday, June 8, 2012


there can never, ever, ever be too many pictures of you and the love of your life. 
that's obviously my new life motto. 
so, this.
i love that man more than words and quotes and life and anything.
more than picture taking dates and dinner dates and ice cream/snow cone dates 
and shopping and sleeping in and staying up late.
all these things that i love, i love them because he does them with me.
with his whole dang heart.
he's my life. 
i'm so thankful we get to be us.

Friday, June 1, 2012

so this is love

"i fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."

-the fault in our stars, john green