Friday, June 29, 2012


/i used to think that i had a twin somewhere out there in the universe. two of my best friends in high school were twins and i was obsessed with the idea of being a twin. can you imagine? what if you were just walking around some random town on a vacation and you ran into yourself? except it wasn't you. IT'S YOUR IDENTICAL TWIN YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT. omg. srsly.

my twin and i got that dress at target. it has pockets and stripes and that's all it needs to complete my life.

/in second grade we were taking some stupid test and i was just over it. so i pulled out my top lateral incisors. both of them. weren't even lose. just ripped em right out. BLED EVERYWHERE. i'm kind of hardcore.

/my body decided that i should be low on vitamin d and that it should hold onto any and all fluids that i drink and then my fingers decided to turn into little baby sausages and my wedding ring got stuck. here are the things i tried to get it off: ice pack. soaked my hand in a bowl of ice water. dish soap. butter. lotion. spit. elevation. olive oil. shampoo. cold shower. tape. finger exercises. massage. nothing worked. so my mom threaded a piece of suture string between my ring and finger and taped my skin down and ripped it off. it did not feel good. now my fingers need to go back to being skinny so i can wear my ring.

/my mom and my brother and i went through some old family pictures and i found this adorable gem of my brother and i playing with our first kitty (ps. nick and i are terribly allergic to cats. our parents clearly care about our well being). oh, and do you love how i HAVE A FREAKING PART IN MY BANGS WAY BACK IN '94? get out.

/i was desperately craving a cherry limeade the other day so i drove to sonic in the 1 million degree heat with the windows down because i don't believe in AC and had windblown hair (because i'm a race car driver) (plus i don't usually spend that much time on my hair anyway, i kind of believe in sleep over beauty) and was just all around being an unshowered hippie and the sonic girl said to me, "i just gotta tell you. your haircut is amazing." made my life.

/i'm not going to judge you unless you read 50 shades of gray. i am sorry, but why? how did you get past the third page with that writing? a 3-year-old has better story telling skills. i am very concerned for the future of america. (that is my rant for this post. carry on.)

/i love warm weather. i do not like to be cold. but this 100 degree heat and high humidity in this state is out of control. and the bugs. let's not talk about how many bugs manage to creep inside my house and land on my face in the middle of the night. but you know what i love? five foot lilies sprouting up along my worn fence and looking all pretty and photogenic all the time. thank you, lilies.

/my husband is the sweetest man alive. i had a rough weekend. i was not a very nice person. and he only wrapped his arms around me and loved on me and told me 100 thousand times how much he loves me and cares for me. i've never seen a person display such selfless grace and extend such love and mercy. i hate crappy weekends but they're not so bad when you have someone to walk by your side, even through those times when you least deserve it. amen to that.

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  1. Haha love the twin pic! Too cute!

    Ok . . . wait . . . you just RIPPED your TEETH out??? Good lord. Props to you. That's hardcore. Whenever I was stressed during a test, I just bounced my leg up and down like an uncontrollable twitch . . . it drove everyone near me near bonkers. But pulling teeth? Wow. Did you get an A on the test for being badass?? ;]

    The flashback pic? Love! You two are adorable. My hair still performs like it did in childhood, as well--as a little kid, my hair was so straight and fine, that these tiny little hairs wouldn't stick in my pony-tail. I looked like I had some strange antenaes or a halo or something . . . it drove my just-so mother insane.

    Aren't random, unexpected compliments the BEST? And your hair is amazing. True story :]

    So with you on the Fifty Shades of Grey. Read the sample and thought "Oh lord, this reads like some sixteen year-old's fan fic." It was. A TWILIGHT FAN FIC.By like a forty-year-old MARRIED woman. At least at sixteen you have an excuse to be that ridiculous but golly . . . Yuck. I feel more disgust about that deal than Twilight, and I HATE Twilight.

    You did NOT have bugs on your face in the middle of the night!!!! OMG. I'm so sorry. Yuck yuck yuck yuck heebie jeebies.

    At least you have the beautiful lilies :]

    Sweet husbands are the best. Absolutely. Good ones really do disply the love Christ has for His church, and you have a good one! Yay! :]

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote that last fact. Just like Christ loved the church and it gave me goosebumps. Also, love one another. He has no problem whatsoever. I'm like, YOU SUCK. <-exactly.

      I HATE TWILIGHT TOO! But I'm like scared of all the backlash I'd get if I said that outloud. You know? Like 16 yo girls banging down my door and sticking their fangs into my neck to show me or something. Idk. I just don't get it.

      And yeah. Bugs. Everywhere. Barf.

      It was one of those standardized tests and I don't remember anything but ripping one out and shoving a kleenex in the hole and then ripping the other out. Hahaha crazy kid!

  2. I loved this post.
    Your honesty is always such a breath of fresh air.

    My sister and I always used to wish that we were twins... it didn't help that we were a little obsessed with the Olsen twins videos... remember those? Maybe not...

    I cannot understand the Fifty Shades of Grey books... the seem ridiculous, and just awful. No offense to those who like them...

    I'm sorry you had a crappy weekend, but your husband sounds like you true soul mate. I'm so glad that you two have one another.

    1. YES! The Olsen twins! Bahahaha I do remember those. AND REMEMBER THE ONE WHERE THEY RUN INTO EACH OTHER IN THE WOODS AND SWITCH PLACES? It takes two? Uhhhh MY POINY EXACTLY. Or that one with Lindsay Lohan. Ummmmmmmmm THESE PEOPLE ARE FEEDING MY FRENZY! BAHAHAHAHA awesome.

      Evans pretty good. He's definitely my soulmate. =]

      I am so glad you have good taste in books and aren't reading that crap ;]

    2. Yes!! I remember that one!!

      I just finished The Contortionist's Handbook/////
      and seriously, what an amazing freakin' book.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. i haven't read 50 shades of grey, but with the concept, i can't really understand the whole uproar. if i want some porn action, i'll just go to my bedroom upstairs. i'm sure my husband would be a willing participant. har har har.

    anywho, i love that dress. and i've been on the hunt for the perfect jean jacket. looks like you've succeeded.

    1. Exactly!!! Like, if I'm gonna read my porn at least make it good. Hahaha jk and what's the point of reading it anyway? All these ladies unhappy in their sex lives living vicariously through this weird book. Um, no thanks.

      My jean jacket is from urban outfitters probably 3 ish years ago but it's Levi's. It's seriously one of my favorite articles of clothing. I was on the fence when I bought it, but I am so glad that I did!

  4. I hate rings getting stuck! I always freak out when it happens. Cold water has always worked for me.... pretty sure I'd have a total breakdown if it didn't.

    1. My fingers were so swollen that not even trying to freeze it off worked. =[ usually soap is what I've used in the past, but apparently I gained 50 pounds in my fingers over the last month. Awesome.

  5. Just great Larissa! Now I want a limeade from Sonic! Oy! The things you influence in my life.. I don't need extra sugar in my bod right now..Oh yeah! And back to the twin thing..So I've decided to look for a best friend..but I'll only take them if they look like me.. We must look like twins... cause don't all best friends look alike???? I'm convinced! The people in my past who were my "best friends" didn't look like me at all.. Hence why they lost the title "best friend" or so I convinced myself...So yeah.. If you see my twin some where tell her to find me in california.. And I'll keep an eye out for your twin too! DEAL?????!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS> And yay for a sweet husband..

    1. GO GET ONE THEY'RE SO GOOD! Yum. I love all their drinks. Addict status. Plus, hello 44 ounces is only $2.50 so get out. Go get one! =]

      AND YES! Best friends do look a lot alike. And act the same. Yeah so I'll keep my eyes peeled for your twin and you do the same thank you very much.

  6. I would just like to say, what the hell. We have hardly spoken all week and it really bothers my heart. Like, God made us for each other and I miss you. Larissa, you are missed and cared for and so loved by me. In fact, I adore you and admire you and look up to you. And can I just say that you're so beautiful? And that I ALSO WILL NOT JUDGE ANYONE UNLESS UNLESS UNLESS THEY READ 50 SHADES OF GREY. Like, I literally will de-friend you in life. Also scares me for the future of America.

    Also, have you read Hunger Games? Thinking of getting it as a summer read.
    Okay, I love you. I miss you. I adore you.I need you.

    1. I have read the hunger games and I loved it but I'm judging you for not reading it yet. Ha.

      Get it girl. Luh you.

  7. Um, Larissa. I kind of can't get over how much I love this post. Annnnd GIRL Sonic is my second home! Limeades, teas, and coke. Their coke is the best. But moral of the story is that last summer when I had shorterthanboyshort hair, I had this bleach streak and one of the guys told me I looked like Wiz Khalifa. He was obviously high out of his mind/meant it as this amazing compliment. Like, lost his shit over the whole situation. And I was. so. proud. But anyway. You DO have a gorgeous haircut. Bangs that don't cowlick?! Go you. Probably every picture of me from '95-'99 has me with this major awkward part in my bangs, aka why I gave up them altogether/my hair got really curly so... hey I love you and am SO EXCITED to see what you're painting! And I'm sad about your fingers :( That's not ok.

    1. Hahahaha you crack me up. People at sonic love their hair? Why does sonic have the best coke? It's not the same as every other coke? Or what?

      My bangs are NOT amazing. When they were side swept they def cowlicked. Bad. Bad on the side when they got too long and were like wings. Now they just PART and it. Makes. Me. So. Mad.

  8. You are my favorite person. Like in the whole planet I think. Love this!

  9. No matter how crappy, I promise.

  10. your twin looks exactly like you! wooooooowww! ;)
    Also you did that? I don't even know what to say. I would cry.
    Your poor finger. I would cry again. Is it better yet?
    that flashback?! Gosh you two are adorable! Part and all.
    Cherry limeades win. always. And that is still the sweetest compliment!
    BUGS! I would cry...yet again. And freak out. And ask Steven to come kill them. Cause....we've discussed this but I'm a baby. But those lilies are definitely worth it! SO PRETTY! Press one and send it to me? ok no. I wouldn't take that away from you. I'll be good.
    sweet sweet sweet! What a great guy you have!
    p.s. sorry I take forever and a day to read your blog. I hate when life is busy.

    1. i know, right? we are identical.
      i almost cried over my finger but that would have been even worse. freaking finger problems.
      evan kills all my bugs. or i will kill him. either or.