Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've known about this for weeks but had to keep my big mouth shut because it was a super huge secret but it was finally released to the public on Easter Sunday and I am beyond ecstatic for July 27-30 because........

(I'm so good at run-on sentences. Don't ever get in a run-on sentence contest with me. My life is one big run-on sentence.)

(David Crowder, creation fest west 2010)
The. David. Crowder. Band. is coming to my church for high school camp!!!!


David Crowder. THE David Crowder.

I saw him last year (for free!!!) because of my internship and now, I do not have to drive 12 hours, stay in a tent for a week, shower once, and eat warm turkey sandwiches because he is coming to my church.

Evan and I have been on a DCB kick lately and I cannot get enough of the song "How He Loves." This song came on the other day while I was cleaning my bedroom. Evan was washing the dishes and I was just so overcome by just the very first line "He is jealous for me."

God is good. SO good.

(So is the David Crowder Band. Srsly. Check. Them. Out.)

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  1. ohh i love them! I saw them one time at APU, and he played changed the guitar hero guitar to make it play for real on stage. it was so cool! I haven't listened to them in a longg time but now I want to pick them up again :)
    luck you!

  2. @Katie: You have good taste in music =] I saw that video on youtube and it's SO good! He is such a great performer, he puts on such a great show. Always.