Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is not a joke.

First, last night Evan's back hurt. So I forced him to take medicine. Which he never does because he hates it. So he read the label like a good little pill popper and um...Advil needs to hire someone to spell check their junk. For serious.

I know it's hard to read so let me just inform you of what it says:
Bullet point number one: "Have 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product."
Bullet point number two: "Take more or for a longer time than directed."

bahahaha. Fail, advil, fail.

Second, here are some pictures from my newwww camera and Easter that I'm just getting around to posting because I may or may not be 1. lazy and 2. sick. Yes, sick. Lovely.

My little Ginger Bean.

Pretty flowers at Mema's house.

Pretty little Ging.

Easter feeties.

Pretty pattern on my Easter dress.

Little Snap.
Not so pretty Ging.
I. Love. My. New. Camera. 

SO much. It's going to be such a lovely weekend, I'm going to take it out and about and play with it some more. And then I'm going to shoot a wedding and make a million dollars and be famous. The end.

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  1. WOW! Biggest fail I've ever seen. Recall anyone?

    How exciting that you got a new camera. Love the puppy photos!

  2. I think we need to waltz into a hospital and remove those tonsils. You can't be sick ANYMORE.

  3. @Amy: ha I know! I never read the labels on obvious things like that. But now I will to see what other dumb things are out there. And thank you. I'm still learning haha

    @Erin: I KNOW! I Freaking know! I mini lost my voice for a bit yesterday and it's been so scratchy and red for the past few days. Over it! Removing tonsils cannot be that hard. I'll do it myself.

  4. Ps. I watch Greys, so do you. We're basically doctors.

  5. Awesome about the labels! And I love your pup. I miss our lab so much....pets dying sucks.


  6. How could they have so many typos at once? Ridiculous. I'm going to go check my Advil and see what's up on it. I have a headache. brb. haha. Oh my gosh. My bottle is the exact same thing. I hope some moron in the world wasn't like "Shit. Better get some booze to go with this Advil."

    Also. Erin and I have had tonsillectomy's and we all watch Grey's. We've got this. Once we get those beasts out, you can just drink a lot of liquor and take some advil. You would be healed in no time. =]

  7. Yea, that is how we remedied ourselves. Maybe?

    Also. On Advil. If you look it says something like...chances are higher for stomach bleeding IF then it gives those not quite a fail. But way to be watching out for our safety!

    <3 Grey's Anatomy.

  8. No it doesn't! It says right after the use more than directed that you'll get stomach bleeding but it doesn't say anything else! you probably have the modified we-maybe-caught-this-in-time version.

  9. I'm going to have to agree with Erin. The first part was DO NOT USE at the beginning and I think that blankets all of the bullets.

    However, since you watch Gray's and are practically a doctor I will not question your logic. If you do have 3 or more alcoholic drinks daily you have another whole problem on your hands. ;)

  10. No, ma'am. It says Do not use if seal is broken. PERIOD. Not comma. If they said do not use if: or do not use if seal is broken and you're an alcoholic, and you're a pill popper....then that would make more sense.

    In this case, Advil royally screwed. it. up.

    Also yes, I am a doctor slash editor. So that's right. Don't question my logic.

  11. Those are like bullet points, and they aren't capitalized therefore...not the beg if a new sentence. :)

  12. Okay, this is seriously causing so much drama. Stupid. It is what it is. You can take it how you want, how about?