Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!


My birthday still isn't for one week and three days, but who's counting right? But, I confronted Evan about why in the world he had not yet questioned me about what sorts of gifties I wanted. (I'm kind of a spoiled brat. Let's not go there about this conflict in how I go to Africa and still really really really want all sorts of pretty things. K? K.) I just wanted to know if he had even thought about it because hello, birthday, wife, first year of marriage? Get. It. Together. Babe.  (Also maybe he needed to know my jean size or something. You know. I have about 43 other reasons to save my behind if you need them.)

Anyway. I've reaaaaaaally been wanting a new camera for about a long time. Meaning, I don't really need one. I have a perfectly good camera. I just want a fancier one for our future babies, our future trips, and our future home.

Well, Evan didn't disappoint. He is even letting me have it ten days early so I can play with it and have lots of nice pretty birthday pictures.

(AH! I could just scream I'm so stoked!!! Also, unrelated note: I've worn my hair curly for exactly one week. It is getting curlier, and looks way better in real life. Ignore the way photobooth hates me. When I decide to straighten my hair again, it should be a good inch to an inch and a half longer. Then maybe I won't want to chop it off.)

I am SO freaking excited! I have so many upcoming events to take thousands of pictures at...Easter, Nick's graduation party, Nick's graduation, summer, anniversary, summer trips including hikes and camping!, Evan's birthday, Ethiopia...oh. my. gosh. AH!

Evan, you are the best husband ever. I love you. xo 

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  1. I love you too beautiful. Happy early birthday!

  2. what a nice husband!! good thing he got it for you, cause now you have no excuse for showing us how pretty you are!

    plus one hundred other photo shoots. I'm jealoussss.

    In other news, I LOVE your new blog title header thingy (formal name).

  4. Oh. And your hair is super cute in it's natural state.


    just kidding. I think I'm done.

  5. @JAMIE: I KNOW!!!!! It is going to take some good pictures of us this summer! And thanks, I'm actually starting to like it kinda but mostly I am embracing my laziness and letting it do it's thang. I kind of like my blog like's a nice change? And yeah my blog header thingy is pretty sweet. I heart picnik.

    @KATIE: You are so sweet =] I am so excited to play around with it and be a fancy pants blogger and junk.

  6. Love the curly hair! It's gorgeous!
    And totally jealous of your new bday gift! ;] Fabulous! Happy happy early bday!