Friday, April 22, 2011

How about some embarrassing childhood pictures?


I asked my mom to send me some pictures for a guest post I'm doing in a few weeks and instead she sent me 400 pictures from my childhood because she is the best mom. They're mostly adorable, of course, but I did have my embarrassing moments. But they're great. So here they are for the world to enjoy.

I even loved tea way back as a 2 year old. Also note the giant stuffed animal tiger. He was my best friend.

Yeah. I almost have no words. But then I wipe away the tears and notice my hair (omg who let me cut it like that?! MOM!!!), my JORTS pulled up to my boobs, the cat shirt, those fake stinky Dr. Martens. Oh gosh. So good! (PS. At Flintstone town? Or something? South Dakota.)

Yes it does look like she's choking me. And yes we match. She was my babysitter (Grace) and yes my parents did leave me alone with a very old lady.

She loves me a little more in this picture. With my hella fat leggity legs.

Three generations, Grandma, Mom, me.

Baby brudda.

I am having such a good time in this picture!!! I LOVE MY MOM! I AM SO HAPPY TO GRADUATE IN MY WRINKLY GOWN AND MESSY HAIR! HORRAY!

Rewind to 1990. Love my bubbles. On my birthday. In the tulip garden. Love love love love love.

Super stoked here, too. I had a really great life. This was my very first ice skating competition.

I have a lot of hair, perhaps even a five head? Inconclusive evidence. Oh, and Nick's holy jeans. I love that kid.

I'm really good at spackeling. And wearing socks and sandals. That was also my favorite hairdo. Can you tell? I wear it in every. single. picture.

Once again, lovin my life with that great haircut!

Awwwwww!!! Before my mom took me to my very first wedding. For which I was completely terrified of the "first kiss" and I was so worried about being embarrassed in front of my mom. (It wasn't that bad.) (Oh, and the couch. Yep. Totally had that couch until I was in highschool. It's so awesome.)

Senior prom. 1. That dress was 2 sizes too big and the lady who altered it did suuuuch a crappy job. 2. I had strep throat. 3. That's my Mema. 4. Hated my hair. 5. Wearing flipflops.

Yes! Shag carpet.

I live in a box with that hair.
My uncle found that outfit on a plane. AKA I'm adorable.


Not impressed with my grandparents.

Do you live in Billings? Do you remember the train?! Sweetest childhood playground ever. Annnnd now it's gone. Sad day.

Childhood pictures are the best. I should dig up some of Nick, he is the funniest kid, ever. Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!!

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  1. You are a goober, but I love you.

  2. Those jorts are awesome. You should totally bring those back in style. You definitely were a cute kid! I feel like getting some of my pictures out now

  3. @ KATIE: I saw this lady at the bar last night who had that exact same hair cut in that jorts pictures. So I don't know if I can bring back the jorts, but the hair, fo sho! Also, do it! Kid pictures are the very best!!!

  4. These pictures are all amazing. And yes yes yes the train. If that train was still there, you better believe I would go hang out on it.

  5. I KNOW!!!! they replaced it with that stupid dinosaur thing they tore down 2 seconds later so they should have just kept the train, tore down everything around it and then left it as a shrine to our childhoods.

  6. OMG LARISSA!!! lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!!! You are ADORABLE! WE have all had that one Awful haircut in our lives...mine was once cut like a BOY! So short and way ugly, now that I look back at the pics lol. But yours was not that bad believe me, and you were still so cute! Thanks for sharing, I wanna see more :-D

  7. Love the pictures! We pulled out a few this weekend and had good ol' family laugh! Great times! Love the pictures of G-pa and G-ma Jilek. Miss them :)

  8. @JESS: Oh my gosh, I was such an awkward child. I definitely need to find more embarrassing ones and get the balls to put them out there because those ones would really get some laughs. Not awwwwws. hahaha

    @Dani: I have some really funny ones of all of us. Tyler and Derrik are itty bitty little boys and we are all so young. We should probably bust out a bunch this summer, too.

  9. Loved the train. Gasp. What if we were at the train at the same time? And never even knew it...

  10. I love pictures from childhood!
    they always make me laugh.


  11. @CAM: we totally probably were! I lived right next door I went there always. So we probs were. With a plethora of our other random friendsies.

  12. ok so we're taking that ink blots class 2gether & u R 1 funny grl! that was a riot.

  13. I enjoyed these, I have to say my favorite is the one with your grandparents where you are crying :]