Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Our five-year was over a month ago, so obviously just getting around to pictures of the thing I made Evan. We are the cutest couple who does the typical anniversary theme (paper, leather, wood, whatever...), and year five is wood. I scoured Etsy and the Pin for ideas but no, my husband does not want an engraved hammer. We have thirty hammers. We don't need another. He doesn't want an engraved cutting board. I'm the cooker, so he would care zero percent about that. So, the lesson is, never include the words "anniversary" or "gift" in the search or that's basically all you're going to get. Engraved junk.

I found a super cool bedside table DIY and knew it was absolutely perfect because a) I stole his bedside table so he doesn't have one; b) it was wood; c) I could make it. I'm all about making things over buying them. So, I bought the wood, spent like 16-hours searching all over town for those damn legs (the Internet is full of LIES about where you can buy them) and hired my dad to help me out with the power tools. I basically wanted him to show me what to do since my experience with power tools is about a level zero and I prefer to keep all my fingers and toes. But he also trusts me zero percent so he took over and busted everything out and then helped me put it together.

But I did help. Swear.

Every time I walk in our room I have the urge to steal it because it's so cute. But my bedside table has two drawers and if I gave up those drawers my room would explode in nail polish and random notes that I can't throw away and all of my oils and lotions and junk that one keeps in a bedside drawer. So, I'll leave this one for Evan, the minimalist, who literally has a picture of me and one single book on it. He needs to give out lessons on minimalism. I would be the first to sign up.

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