Tuesday, August 4, 2015

07/12 [round two]

Oh, hiiiiiiiiii, August. Technically we did take this picture on Friday, which was July. This I promise. Not that it even matters. Except for that it does to me. So. Hi, OCD. We took this picture the moment Evan got home from work and we were all hangry and mean to each other (except for not Evan or Maddox, just me) and we promptly took a few pictures, called it good and went to find food. I ended up getting the worst, worst, worst headache at dinner and felt like death the rest of the night, which put me in bed around 8:30 and asleep before 10. I mean, death. Hence the forgetting slash neglecting of my blog baby. But here it is. One for July. A happy, energetic two-year-old who could jump on the bed all day, every day if you'd let him.

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