Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things Maddox Says v.1

Some of my favorite blog posts ever are from moms with hilarious kids. I don't know, maybe it's like how as a parent you think your child is the cutest child in all the world, even if he or she is most definitely not. Except for that Maddox is and also he's the funniest. We are the luckiest parents. So, I wanted to start posting the things he says here for safe keeping. When he turns three I'm going to do something really fun with all of the funnies he's said this year. Also, we came home from Guatemala and he was basically speaking in full sentences and we made a promise to never leave again. Here are just a few things Maddox has said over the past few months that have made us laugh:

"Do you want to count to ten?"-Evan
"Babies. Off."-Maddox

"Maddox, isn't it so nice outside?"-me
"Windy? Nope."-Maddox 

"Butt. Wet. Nice."-Maddox 

"Close your eyes."-me
"Eyes up."-Maddox 

"Did you go to church last night?"-me
"Did you learn about Jesus?"-
"Jesus. love. me."-Maddox 

(that's what he calls a buffalo and no one's allowed to correct him because it's SO cute.)

"Maddox, what's a buffalo?"-me
"Ummmm. Bless you. Bless you, mama."-Maddox 

"What did you dream about?"-me
"Ummm. Beans."-Maddox 

"Maddox, what's in your pocket?"-me

"Maddox, should we got sit on the potty and try to go pee?"-me
"No, I peed right there."-Maddox 

"I love pickles."-Maddox 

"Can you teach me how to count to ten?"-me
"One, two, eight, NINE!!!"-Maddox

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