Monday, July 13, 2015

for the love of five

Evan and I snuck out of town this past weekend to celebrate five whole years together with a day or two of uninterrupted US time. We planned this trip before Guatemala because I made an appointment at a spa thanks to some unused giftcards and begged Evan to come with me and he agreed as long as I didn't make him do anything weird. (Run-on sentence for lyfe.)

Side bar: When I made the appointment, I told the guy (perfect, yes) that my husband is not a spa guy and I needed to sign us up for something man-friendly, what did he suggest. What did he suggest? A sugar body scrub or a body wrap. Yes, amen to that. I'll take two.

I am a Good Wife and so although it would have been comical to surprise Evan with a sugar body scrub, I declined that offer and instead got us a couple's facial and a couple's massage. Evan was still weirded out by everything. "Why are you naked under your robe?" "Complete comfort. You wear a bra for one day and report back to me." "Are there blankets on the bed?" "Are you supposed to wear the sandals?" Etc, etc. I'm clearly a Spa Veteran Princess and forgot that there are people here who don't frequent the spa enough to know what the heck is going on.

But I digress. I was completely ready for this spa date because on Thursday as I was trying to run errands and pick up a few final things before our trip, Maddox projectile vomited on me in the middle of Old Navy. He didn't eat breakfast (refused, first clue, idiot mom) and so it was all liquid and I was mortified and wanted to die right then and there. So yeah. Take me to the spa and don't come back, please and thanks.

I was pretty worried about leaving that sweet pea because what mama wants to leave her sickly child for two days while she's off gallivanting in the woods and having strangers rub lotion into her body parts? Well, I didn't but I thought about it for at least a minute.

It was only a single night away but it was just what we needed to refresh and unplug and celebrate. We had our spa date and then we went to dinner and I ate bison potstickers which is a Big Deal because buffalo disgust me but my gf Erin told me they were the best and so I let Evan have this one thing and they actually were good. So. She didn't lie to me and maybe buffalo isn't the most disgusting after all. The jury is still out on that one but there might be hope yet. We brought along our traditional anniversary cake and it was (and still is because it is SO. MUCH. CAKE.) delish. On Saturday we didn't set any alarms and woke up super late because we can and let's be real: because a tiny dictator wasn't there to boss us around. We had coffee and breakfast and drove up the mountain to do a little hiking and ended up doing a little hiking in the rain. I also bought cowboy boots for my gf Erin's wedding this August. I am so jacked about them because they're adorable and I live in Montana and so it's a requirement to be a citizen and I just now at 27 got my first pair (my first pair were actually white with sparkles and fringe but those have been long gone, sadly.) and I'm in love. Obviously I wore them to dinner and obviously I will probably wear them every day for the rest of forever because I love.

It was so good to get home to our little love even if it was only for one day. I'm a strong proponent of dating even if you're married. Like, just do it. Spend the money on a babysitter if you don't have grandparents (or friends who offer on the daily?) and get out there and enjoy each other. Maybe get yourselves a sugar scrub at a spa or save the money on that and mix up your own little sugar scrub and do it at home. That's romantic and cute and probably messy but mostly fun.

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