Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I know that it is June three but this picture was honest-to-God taken in May. I have been in Denver for the past week and refused to lug my life with me and so life has been put on hold until we were home. And obviously we're home so life can begin again. (Anyone else's mind completely shut off while they're on vacation? Evan and I thought every single day was Saturday.)

Anyway. I wanted to get creative with these. Not just stand in front of a camera and be boring for 12 family pictures. I want to display these in our home and not have 12 identical pictures of us. Because that would be boring. And lame.

So here's to getting out of our comfort zones and traveling and tickling nakey babies and lounging in hotel rooms in jammies. And also the face that Evan is making that I kind of love a lot because it makes me laugh.


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