Sunday, March 23, 2014


I knew that March's family photo would have to be at Maddox's birthday party when we were dressed up as Cowboys and Indians. I just knew it. And so after everyone left and it had been hours since Maddox's last nap and he had spent the entire afternoon entertaining our people and playing with his cousin and eating his very first cupcake like a champ, we decided to take a picture in the prettiest, most deceivingly cold day. And this little cowboy just wasn't having it but that's too bad because we did enforce the "I'm the parent and I say so" rule right then and there to get in one good family picture in all of our Cowboy and Indian get up. And one good picture we did get, but also we got a few others all well. Forcing myself to pick just one picture (vertical pictures exempt from this rule) is proving to be more difficult than previously noted.

Still, I am loving this monthly tradition. And I know that on December 31st when I have 12 amazing pictures lined up and I can see month-by-month changes in our sweet little family, I will be so thankful for the effort and dedication. And super extra thankful for my picture-loving husband. Yes and yes.

I promise to tell ya'll all about the party this week. But first, sleep.


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  1. Oh may this is the cute one! Cute coustoms Maddox is soo cute! You larisa love the hand band to!