Sunday, April 13, 2014


As we were walking along the beach on our little family vacation last week, I decided that our April family photo would most definitely be a beach picture. I found us a life guard station and carefully set up my camera to make sure that no sand would work its sneaky little way into my expensive camera and looked like a total idiot running back and forth to get the perfect shot. And laugh at that because it's so far from perfect. But it was hot outside and some chick was really adamant about taking the picture for us even though I explained to her why I didn't actually need help and after like the fifth try I decided to just give up and keep the few unperfect ones that we had gotten and roll with it.

We ended up only being at the beach in the middle of the day or at sunset. That high noon sun is brutal and it was freezing cold at sunset and so this was our one and only impromptu family picture photoshoot on the beach in Cali. Lame.

I wanna go back.


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