Monday, April 14, 2014


So, I have a one-year-old now. No one ask me how that even happened because I'm not totally clear on all of the details. All I know is that we all woke up on March 26 and Maddox had turned one and I may have cried a little bit looking back through his baby pictures and all of the first moments that we captured on camera.

Anyway. I've been planning Maddox's first birthday for months, ya'll. This was a big deal, worthy of months of planning and high-gear OCD. I knew that I wanted to get Maddox a teepee and basically planned the party around that gift. I was totally kidding when I presented the idea of a Cowboys and Indians party to Evan but he was on board and after I thought about it for exactly two seconds, I was on board, too.

So that was it: Cowboys and Indians. Basically, I scoured Pinterest for ideas and came up with some pretty great ones of my own, too.

Evan and I started making the teepee a few weeks before the big day. It was slightly a nightmare because we didn't know what we were doing. We were trying to use two different DIYs as a reference but also make up our own template as we went along. And it wasn't working. So we used this DIY and all of her measurements and we love how it turned out. Tying the thing so that it would stand was a total nightmare and the boards + our wood floors isn't ideal so currently the teepee lives in our hardwood floor living room but we will probably be moving to the carpeted family room in the near future. We finally figured out how to keep it standing without holding it upright but a certain one-year-old who shall remain nameless likes to go in through the door and out through the side. This totally moves around the canvas/legs and because I don't think it would be a good idea for the thing to fall over on him, it needs to be moved to a less slick surface.

Anyway, birthday party. I slaved away making feather headbands for all the girls to be little Indians and bought some sheriff stickers for the little boys so they could be cowboys. At the very last minute some of Maddox's friends were unable to make it and so I made all the adults dress up because I'm the boss. I made a chalkboard sign and made a few of my friends cut shapes out of felt to be sewn into garland. Evan and I bought trail mix and little baggies and stamped "trail mix" on each of the baggies and gave those out as party favors to everyone.

I had planned to get plenty of pictures but then it was suddenly party time and people were showing up and I was still making lunch and so I didn't get any pictures of the adorable headbands or the mason jars we used as glasses or the cute paper straws or really anything else. But mostly I wanted to enjoy my baby turning one and focus on that and not be behind my camera for the entire party. And I'm okay with that.

I dressed Maddox up like a cowboy and he wore the cowboy hat for exactly .02 seconds. He is not a fan of hats which is a bummer because they're adorable.

My friend Emma made us s'mores cupcakes and golden oreo funfetti cupcakes and we demolished them. Maddox had a golden oreo cuppy with a dangerous candle that he really wanted to touch but obviously the candle had its own bodyguard (Evan's arm). Maddox wasn't too sure what to do with the cuppy and he was super gentle with it so maybe I helped smash some into his face to liven things up a bit.

After the party our family stuck around to open presents (we asked our friends to just bring their presence, no presents [HA HA get it? I didn't come up with that. I found it on the Google. It's adorable.]) and we had a little family time that mostly consisted of Maddox and Hason giving each other kisses and Hason opening most of Maddox's presents and Maddox being mostly obsessed with the boxes and none of the presents, obviously.

I cannot believe that Maddox is already one. And that I planned and planned for his birthday and then it happened and now he is one and we have a giant teepee in our living room and the chalkboard sign has not been erased and still informs us that Maddox is one. Yes, sign, we know. ;]

It was such a fun birthday and so much fun for me to plan and spend all of my free time dreaming up. I've been enjoying having a one-year-old and all the fun that he is and how he looks more and more like a toddler every single day. Kids are crazy, man.

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