Monday, June 9, 2014


Family photos bam bam! That's how we do I guess. Here's the real story: I had a photoshoot down by the river on Saturday morning and as I was driving I noticed this beautiful field of yellow flowers (weeds) and needed to stop and take a picture. Except for I was by myself and so I convinced Evan that we should wake up extra early on Sunday morning to take pictures in the field of yellow flowers (weeds).

He's a good sport, that one.

I also learned that although my pregnancy has made me less susceptible to bug bites (I used to get bit more than anyone in the world and because I was allergic the bites would swell up to look like tumors on my skin......but now I never get bit and if I do, the bites are normal sized rather than tumor sized), I am still very, VERY allergic to anything outdoors. Fifteen minutes in a field of grass and dirt and flowers and weeds, near a wooded river spot and I was practically dying of allergies. So. Let this be a lesson to me to always have a supply of allergy medicine in my camera bag, as well as a Costco-sized pack of Kleenex, as well as some Peppermint oil to rub on the back of my neck (thanks, Erin, for the tip!) to keep my sinuses clear.

Except for, I'd say it was worth it.

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