Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maddox Currently

Currently Maddox is 14 and a half months old and he...

Likes to shut doors. This is his new most favorite thing. Maddox will wander around the house all day long, shutting every single door and effectively shutting himself in every room. Luckily the only door that has a lock is his bedroom and it's the kind of lock you can unlock with a bobby pin if you're handy like me and so it's not a super big deal if he actually locks the door. He's also a big fan of standing directly behind the door and then slamming it in my face when I open it. Over and over again.

Is working on saying "please" and "thank you." When Maddox wants something he points to it and whines. And that is not good. So, we're working on learning the signs for please and thank you. I pretty much sign thank you all the day long, like, to every single person I encounter. I can't help it. So, I'm surprised that Maddox hasn't picked it up yet. We're working on them, though, because this child will have manors and I will stop giving in to the pointing whine. 

Can stand up on his own. This a big one! And is a big one as of today, June 10! Usually Maddox requires some assistance on standing up from a sitting or kneeling position. He couldn't master a way to get back up unless he had something to hold onto. And then this morning he hopped up like it ain't no thang like five times in a row and he's been doing it all day. (ALL DAY, WINSTON. ALL DAY.) [I love you if you get that.] I feel like we're officially past the crawling stage and I can safely purchase Maddox a new pair of jeans without fear that the knees will be worn out in one minute.

Likes to put things away. For a long time Maddox only wanted to take everything out. He emptied drawers and the lazy susan and every single basket containing Lord knows what that he could find. And then he decided that emptying everything and then picking it up could give him hours of entertainment and so now he empties everything and then carefully puts back what he wants or just wears the tupperware on his head like a hat or shreds pieces of paper or styrofoam cups and then puts the shreds in random plastic cups. I'm forever finding little surprises that make cleaning up my house 14 times a day totally worth it.

Loves to read. For a while there was exactly ONE book in the entire world that Maddox would sit through. And he would sit through it for probably 100 straight readings. And yes I do have the entire thing memorized and I think Evan may have burned it because I haven't seen the thing in like a month. But then Maddox realized that we own many, MANY good books and he is all about books now. He will go get a book and carry it to me to be read (minimum of five times in a row) and he loves to turn the pages (before I'm ready). He also carries books around flipping through the pages and talking to himself. Book worm. Just like his mama.

Moos like a cow and barks like a dog. These are literally the only two sounds he can do. All day long we say, "What does a ___ say?" (Dog, cat, cow, monkey, pig, etc.) He's got dog down (woof, woof) and he even does a high-pitched bark when we ask what Snap says (Snap's our dog). And his cow is more like a "oooo" than a "moo." But we're getting there. He also has several books with dogs in them and he knows when the dog is about to show up because he starts barking in anticipation. I've even skipped over the page to see what he would do and he basically gets anxiety and whines until I show him the picture of the dog and he can point at it, say "Dee!" and bark.

Mimics. This little love is a copy cat to the max. He pats the floor when he wants us to come to him or when he's calling the dog. He watched Evan spray all of my plants with the spray bottle of water and then he took the spray bottle and tapped each of my plants with it. He watched me write a note on some paper, ripped the pen out of my hand and scribbled all over the paper with it. He pretend feeds himself and even unscrewed the lid to a bottle of water and successfully drank some of it without a) choking on it and/or b) spilling it.

New words: Nime (Mine, which he says about whatever he wants and has made me realize I possess everything in this world and have to stop saying "mine" all together), Na/Nuh (No). (Parenting wins right there.)

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