Friday, September 26, 2014

Maddox Currently

Currently, Maddox is 18-months-old and he...

Loves airplanes. My bff's fiance is a pilot and for a while every time we heard or saw an airplane flying overhead we would say, "There's Uncle Logan!" And now Maddox points to the sky every time he hears an airplane. And he can point it out faster than I can. And also if we ask him where Uncle Logan is, he points directly to the sky. Even if Uncle Logan is sitting right next to him.

Leads me everywhere. Lately Maddox has been in a big hand-holding mood. He loves to hold hands and walk down the stairs or wander all over the house. If I'm sitting on the couch he will come grab my hand and lead me to whatever it is he wants. He also likes to hold both mine and Evan's hands so that we "One! Two! Three! Wheeeee!" him but if he also has to hold his blanket or sippy cup, he will hold both our hands with one of his hands. It's freaking adorable.

Runs to the door when Evan comes home. The second Maddox hears the garage door opening he runs to the door and yells and screams and stomps his feet and when he sees Evan get out of the car it's all over. It's seriously the cutest, most welcoming thing and I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be a better way to be welcomed home.

Loves "All About that Bass." That song is his all time favorite song. Hands down. Ever. Which is good because I also love that song and we have spent many hours dancing around the house with that one on repeat and also as loud as possible. The best part about this song is how Maddox dances to it: He waves one arm back and forth, back and forth and then he gets right down to his typical dance style of bopping his head and bending his knees. Even if I just say, "Hey, Mad, I'm all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble." He will start waving his arm. The other day the song came on while we were driving and I looked in my mirror to see that little arm waving around back there. It kills me every time.

Says "mmmmm!" about everything. I pull out some raw chicken: "MMMM!" Maddox throws pieces of torn up paper in a pot and stirs them around with a spatula while I cook (real) dinner: "MMMM!" Maddox finds something he shouldn't have like a rogue cheerio under the couch or on the floor or something that isn't food at all but he's still putting it in his mouth: "MMMM!" The first bite of dinner that he eats: "MMMM!" After every bite of candy (especially cinnamon bears!!): "MMMM!"

Knows the number "one." We started asking Maddox how old he is and taught him how to hold one finger up. We also taught him that he only needs to put ONE of whatever he is eating in his mouth. As he is eating most finger food he pops one into his mouth and then holds up his finger and says some form of "one" which mostly sounds like "nine" which is how he basically says no. So, he's either got this number down or he's scolding me.

Knows his name. One day I asked Maddox what he name was. I always wonder how babies brains work, you know? Like, I call him Maddox all the live long day and he answers to it. Does he know it's his name? Does he know what a "name" is? So I said, "What's your name?" And he said, "Ma-i-sh," which is basically his name. Then I asked him again a few hours later and he said, "Jee-shush." So, we're working on it.

Knows what sound a...gorilla makes! So fun! He beats on his chest and (sometimes) says, "AHHH!" He opens and closes his mouth like a fish but he thinks he's making fish lips. Blows air through his lips like a horse. Basically mocks every animal noise I make but only remembers a few. He also likes to read animal books and point to all the animals and bark. Working on every animal not sounding like a dog.

Signs: "Best friends." [Cutest story ever: One morning Evan brought him into bed with us when he woke up and I went to the bathroom at the same time. When I came back in the room he was saying, "Mama! Mama!" and signing "best friends" at me. And heart is now melted.] "Dad." Sometimes he says "da" but usually he just signs it.

New words: "Zeezee (Icky)." He also shakes his head no, scrunches up his face and makes an "ack!" noise along with it.

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