Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween is brought to you by entirely too much candy. Without that candy I seriously think I would have straight up died dead in the middle of the day from being so exhausted and run down.

We did our church's Halloween thing (it's called "Candy Run") for the third time in a row (one and two) and it's so fun. It just gets better and better and it's such a cool way for us to do community outreach and just have a good time and eat a lot of candy.

Evan + the student ministries team did a TMNT-themed zone. We spent two full days setting up the zone (city scapes + the liar + a sewer, two rooms and a hallway total) and painting and cutting cardboard and cutting a giant chunk out of my finger almost immediately and eating way too much candy.

I ordered my costume super last minute from Amazon because I had been planning on just making my own. But then it was the week of and I hadn't even thought of anything so I took the easy way out and just ordered a TNMT t-shirt. My girlfriend Anna mentioned that she was wearing a tutu and so Friday morning I gathered up all my organza and quickly sewed up a tutu (took me ten minutes and no pattern and it was amazing) and that was the extent of my handmade DIY Halloween costume. hashtag thumbs up.

We were a little Raphael family this year and I was even referred to as "Raphael's lady." It was quite hilarious to see all the children come through and name off the turtles they saw and then if one was missing quite literally lose their everloving minds about it. "WHERE. IS. DONATELLO." We would be like, "Eating pizza in the lair!" And they'd be like, "Oh. Okay. Phew." But, my favorite interaction was this little girl, probably 10ish, who said, "My friend Dylan loves you guys! You should see how much of your stuff he has in his room." Chyeah. Because we are THE ninja turtles.

Maddox was also a big hit and everyone commented on the baby turtle and how cute he was. He even was willing to keep his hat and shell on for most of the night which was a big deal because he did not want anything to do with either in our costume run-throughs earlier in the week.

And Evan's costume. Oh my lanta. All four of the guys who wore that same costume (but different turtle, obviously) are Evan's height. So all of them had the problem with the short inseam. I had to make four skirts for the boys to keep everything G-rated because tall boys + short costumes equal not church approp. If you know what I mean.

But all in all, we had such a great Halloween. We're all dead tired and I could hardly stand on my feet the next day and Maddox is fairly certain that his diet should now consist of candy and only candy from here on out but I'd say it was a success. Holidays are just so much more fun when you have a little one to dress up and steal candy from.

Also, funny story: We kept all the candy in giant, giant tubs. At the end of the night only a few pieces were left in the bottom of the tub and Maddox quite literally leaned over and practically fell in just to get those last few pieces. He helped himself to several Dum-Dum suckers and charmed plenty of Evan's collage ministry girls into feeding him lots of candy. I mean, I can't even say no to that face, I don't know how anyone else possibly could!

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