Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's absolutely crazy to think that it's already been a year since last Halloween when Evan and I were Toy Story characters and Maddox was the size of an apple (or something). (I cannot even handle the speed of time you guys. It's not okay that time goes this fast. Not okay.) It's especially weird to think about what I was doing a year ago. I think about it all the time because at this time last year I was pregnant and we had no idea that the baby would be a baby Maddox. And sometimes I just look back on my weekly blog pregnancy updates and laugh and laugh and laugh at how silly I was at like 17 weeks when I was like, "OMG. I'm, like, so huge, or whatever." (In my mind, past Larissa is a Valley Girl. She's awesome.)

My life is one long tangent from the first story I ever tried to tell.

So THIS Halloween. Check. Our church still does an indoor candy giveaway and all staff has to be there and so I decided not to help out since I wanted to hang out with Maddox on his first Halloween (and probably the only Halloween when I can eat all of his candy and he won't know the difference. Just kidding, that will happen for like the next 10). So I decided not to dress up and I just made Maddox a super simple costume.

And it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. The hat is from my friend Jess (shop, blog) and my mom and I made the tail. I actually broke her sewing machine in the process (Sorry, mom!) but she's supermom and fixed it and then I made her finish sewing it because I didn't want to be held responsible for breaking it twice. So when I say I "made" his costume, what I really mean is I bought the fabric and cut it out.

Also it would have been a good idea to take the fox hat with me to the fabric store and buy an orange fabric for his tail. But I don't always do "good ideas" and so that is why his tail is red and his hat is orange. Thumbs up for me. It also would have been a good idea for me to put his costume together before 2:30 today, but that's when I put his hat on and sewed the tail to the pants and realized that the colors are not even close to matching. I laughed pretty hard about it. I also was totally misinformed about how much fabric a "fat quarter" is and so I got two "fat quarters" for the one tail and I have so much fabric left that I'm going to make him a little fox friend. He also already has a fox friend so I have to figure out a different pattern for his new fox friend.

[You guys. My brain has literally been going 500 miles an hour for the past monthish. I feel like someone slipped me some crack and has been consistently slipping me crack and good ideas are just spilling out of my brain and into my life. So this jumbled and jarbled (not a word? it is now, B.) post is pretty much how my mind sounds 99% of the time. And also why it takes me like 2 hours to fall asleep at night.]

[That's his new "There is something sharp in my mouth. Take it out." face. Pretty cute, huh?]

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  1. He is just the cutest. Seriously.
    And that hat.
    I can't handle how magnificent that hat is. Love love love LOVE

    1. i know. the hat is amazing! i get so many compliments on it whenever he wears it!