Monday, October 28, 2013

the loveliest

I'm not really a morning person. And thankfully Maddox isn't either. We're usually rolling out of bed around 9. Meanwhile Evan's been up since like 5 and he's already been to the gym, showered, eaten two meals and is at work. I'm like, brushed my teeth. Check plus for today.

But sometimes it's worth it to be out of bed before the sunrise. So that you can fill your favorite mug with some black coffee and wrap yourself in your favorite scarf and head up to the highest point in the city for some sunrise viewing and picture taking.

It's really worth it when you wake up the next morning and there is a blanket of snow covering the ground and the temperatures have dipped way way way below an acceptable degree and it appears as though you caught the last of the beautiful fall days and probably one of the most glorious sunrises of your entire life.

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