Sunday, October 27, 2013

we love fall

You know what is great about fall? What's great about fall is that winter is like knocking on the door to be let in and fall is like, "BACK THE HECK UP, LOSER." And fall proves itself over and over again with the most beautiful of days that absolutely require you to go outside and play in the leaves and open all the windows and doors and enjoy these fleeting moments of nice weather before there is too much snow and ice and cold. Because it's coming. Let's face it. Monday has a high of like 17. =[

And so that's what we did. We did some house projects on our patio instead of inside and then we went across the street to the park and played in the leaves with the puppy and the baby. He only tried to eat one leaf; I'm pretty proud. For a child who thinks everything belongs in his mouth, he's pretty good when it comes to the gross things. (Oh, that's probably just his mama's OCD gene showin through!)

Please also note his pumpkin. I carved it, don't worry. He did not. What I really wanted was a giant pumpkin I could put him inside and carve him 4 little holes for his arms and legs but Evan said no and then I couldn't find a giant enough pumpkin anyway. Also when I was a baby, for my first Halloween, my parent's friend carved me a pumpkin and the mouth was carved into my name. My name was carved into the mouth? I'm not sure how to say that. I'll say it both ways. Use your imagination.

But here's Maddox and his very first pumpkin, in his very first pile of leaves.

Um, the shirt. I KNOW. I cannot handle it. I simply cannot. The reason I ordered it is actually because Evan has one just like it (not the one he was wearing, even though kind of that one too) and I am that mom. And those adorable shoes that you can only see the bottoms of? Those were Evan's. Dressing a boy baby wasn't a ton of fun because everything girl is pink and frilly and polka dotted and FLOWERS IN THE HAIR OMG. But now that Maddox is older and bigger, GIVE TO ME ALL THE MINI ADULT BOY CLOTHES. Because, seriously.

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  1. Such cuteness! See, I love Winter, too! Snow, holidays, layers of clothes, decorating the ENITRE house. Hehe I'm all for it, but I understand a girls' need for warm air and long -lit days!

    1. Do you really?! I'm a layers girl, too, but I am not a 3 winter coats plus a parka and you're still freezing kind of layers girl. hahaha

      I'm excited to start decorating my house. I've got some pretty great ideas pinned on pinterest and I can't wait to get them started!