Thursday, November 1, 2012


this was our very first ever married halloween. i know that's confusing since we've been married for like 2.5 years but normally on this date we're returning from ethiopia (sad face) and so we never have had a halloween together. so we went all out this year.  and by that i mean carved pumpkins and dressed up for the party our church held.

we carved pumpkins 2 weeks ago and they're still holding up. i love them. and we got about a billion seeds out of them and roasted those bad boys up. it was evan's first time carving a pumpkin and my first time roasting seeds so it was all around just new and exciting. evan butchered the top of his and cussed it out about 40 times and i broke poor jack's tooth because my pumpkin was like 5 feet thick and the little saws in our pumpkin carving kit were just not long enough.

good times were had by all.

mine is jack (hand drawn because i'm amazing. just kidding, but seriously.) and evan's is a wolf. he even did the teeth! not bad for a baby pumpkin carver!!!

and! our church did a fun little candy run open house so that kids didn't have to be outside in the cold. different departments themed up an area and then dressed up and it. was. amazing. they turned the atrium into new york for the avengers and had a million other stations for kids to walk through and get 80 pounds of candy because that is what you do on halloween and you better believe i'm going to exploit my children's adorableness for free candy. OBVS.

evan's department chose toy story as their theme and evan was buzz and i was jesse. we handed out candy to 2,500 kids and i stood on my poor, poor feeties for 5 hours and died dead in my bed for a solid 7 hours of sleep that was not interrupted ONE TIME by a potty break.

but the room was AMAZING. they built giganto room furniture (the bed, dresser and bookcase) and then had t-rex, the etch-a-sketch and the slinky dog as props and every. child. lost their ever. loving. minds in our room. because right before our room was the scary star wars room and some life size jabba the hut creature being all scary for little babes. so we were all kid-friendly and junk.

apparently 5 people have seen toy story 2 and 3 because i was called woody about 900 thousand times last night. PEOPLE: GIRL. YELLOW BOW. RED HAT. everyone was all, "there's woody and buzz!!!!" which makes sense except for that i'm jessie.

and do you just love my outfit? that's evan's shirt, so it's huge on me, it's all awkward in the front and evan's mom apparently didn't know to be like, "HEYGIRLHEY you look like you have 6 alien babies in there, fix yourself." and so this is what i look like. this is also at the end of the night and i am just thrilled to be on my feet IN MY DAD'S COWBOY BOOTS for pete's sake (i'm a montana girl through and through and i don't even own my own pair of boots. girl, please. the only boots i ever owned were these white sparkly fringy ones that i luuuuuuhved to death.). he has small baby man feet at least and so i just wore a pair of extra thick socks and then they were only like 2 sizes too big. but they were the most uncomfortable shoes i have ever put my feet into. except for that i love them and would totally steal them. if they were my size and comfy and all that jazz. (uh, my feet didn't even reach the pointy part. slightly too large for my baby feets.)

lastly, let's not talk about the fact that evan SHAVED.OFF.HIS.BEARD. i'm so angry i could just kick something. i'm even more angry that he refuses to straight edge it so he has this homeless man five o'clock shadow thing. he's all, "it'll grow back." and i'm all, "fine. let's see how long i can grow my leg hair then."

and i ate candy yesterday like i hadn't had a piece of candy in 4 months. which is true because i pretty much haven't. sugar and sweets sound horrible to me but yesterday our clerks loaded my desk up with candy for our work trick-or-treaters and i ate like half the pile before any children even arrived. then i had like 50 pieces at night because they had yummy things like dots and twizzlers and laffy taffy and that was more sugar than i've had in a long, long while and i'm shocked i didn't puke. (because if i can't handle waffles with maple syrup how am i going to handle a few bite sized pieces of candy?) apparently i'm fine except for the fact that i hate all candy once again so apparently the baby was just as excited for halloween candy as i was. thank you, baby.

ps. i'm already dreaming up adorable baby costumes for next year. baby is going to be the cutest little thing, ya'll are going to just puke.

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  1. I'm glad that you had such a fantastic time.
    Those pumpkins are awesome, awesome awesome.

    I totally don't understand how people would have thought that you were Woody. What dum-dums.

    Also, I saw Evan's IG photo of his unbearded face. He doesn't even look the same! Isn't his face cold?! Silly man.

    And yay for the baby craving Halloween candy. What a bonus.

    1. Thank youuu! We had so much fun carving them! I like Halloween! =] ESP the candy. This once a year candy phase I've got going on. Nooooot really complaining. ;]
      Evan is crazy cakes. He has all these really really funny pictures of the stages of his beard while he was shaving it off. He had chops and an uneven mustache and I seriously laughed out loud for like 18 minutes when he showed them to me. So bad. I just want the bears back because this baby face kills me! Hahaha RIP beard.

    2. Oh man! You should post those photos of the stages of his beard shaving on your blog, or you know send me them via text message because I think I would find it just as funny.

      Yeah, candy once a year sounds like the smart thing. I have an obsession with dark chocolate, especially dark chocolate with sea salt and it is SO hard not to have a few pieces throughout the week. MMM. Now I want dark chocolate!

    3. Girl, please. Ill text those to you! Bahaha we can laugh for hours and hours. I just need to steal them off his phone. Idk why I haven't done that already. Houuuuurs of entertainment would be had! Hahaha
      last night I wanted to make sea salt caramels and then I had like 2 of the 81 ingredients and so I didn't. And I still want them. Because sea salt anything owns my soul.

  2. I am so excited for all your baby costumes! You will have to make like 12 because I want to see them all. And I know how you feel about deciding things.

    Also, as I typed that I read it in my head in like a Southern beauty queen mother's voice. My b.

    1. I hope you had a DQ blizzard with that southern accent! (One of the best nights of MAH lyfe)

      12 costumes is totes do-able. On it.

      Did you see the adorable lion costume I pinned? Because THAT.

  3. Your Halloween looks like it was just beyond fabulous.
    LOVE your pumpkins and your costumes! They both look great! And Woody? No, no way. Totally Jesse :] I think the parents were just delirious was chasing sugar-infused kids around . . . or something . . .
    I hope Evan's beard grows back quickly, for your sake :] I mean, he's a dandy either way, but that in-between stage with facial hair is just . . . I don't know . . .
    Chris gets this weird goatee-like thing after not shaving for like a week, and it eventually reaches this point where I'm "Ok, kill it dead or stop kissing me until it's a full-grown beard" because the texture is just bizarre.
    Yay for Halloween candy and happy baby! OMG can't wait to see your babe's constumes next year! Yay!

    1. You do not even know how hard i relate to that "kill it dead or don't kiss me" comment! Srsly! I finally realized why I hate it: because it reminds me of like an ex-bf or something. Except I told Evan "it doesn't feel like your mouth." So shhhhh. Hahaha because no! He's always had a goatee or something and his cleanish 5 day stubble kills me. Dang men. I only lasted another day in my leg hair growing game because I just can't. Hahaha

  4. I love your Jessie costume so much! Who are these poor little deprived-Toy-Story-2-children?! Your braid an bow are just perfect! I love the huge bed and slinky in the back ground! I'd probably loose my mind too. It would feel like Disney World! ;)
    Oh gosh I can't imagine a beardless husband. I'm glad his is growing back now. Steven did that once in our first year and I was like never ever again...ever.