Friday, November 1, 2013

Ten things.

Ten things that I want to say but these ten things probably don't need their own blog post. Except for one. Maybe there is one with its own blog post on the way.

1. The other morning we were sitting in our living room enjoying some snacks and together time when I felt something on my foot. I thought that it was my pajama pants because they were long and I was leaning forward and moving around. But it was not my pajama pants. It was a spider. And I screamed. And Evan was holding Maddox and he screamed. Maddox didn't cry, so good for us/him but he looked at me like, "What in the world, woman?!" And then I made Evan go on the hunt for the spider and it was a lot bigger than I thought and I contemplated cutting off my diseased foot.

2. Instagram sales are seriously my kryptonite. (Also Take 5's.) I cannot stop buying things because it's like Goodwill, but classier. I got the cutest shirt from an Insta sale and every time I pass a mirror, I'm all, "Daaaang. That's a cute shirt."

3. It took me literally TWO WHOLE DAYS to vacuum and steam mop my living room, kitchen and dining room. Related: I came up with a formula for the amount of time it takes you to do anything with a baby:
[Time it used to take you to complete a task: ___] TIMES [300 hours] = [The task won't get completed, just start over/give up.]

4. I am eating all of Maddox's Halloween candy and not feeling bad about it. Also someone asked us the other day if we give him sugar yet. Because yes. A seven-month-old needs sugar.

5. How do you say Halloween: Hal-low-ween? OR Hollow-ween? I say the former, Evan says the latter. Also, I'm right and he's wrong.

6. Two of our couple friends just had their babies on the 30th and 31st and dang if that didn't make me have some sort of baby fever. Not a real baby fever, because I don't really want another baby? Question mark? But I just wish Maddox was still a newborn baby. Or that I could just hit pause on my life and go back and do that again whenever I wanted and then hit play and pick right back up where we left off. Because itty, bitty newborn froggy babies with their itty bitty diapers and clothes and adorable newborn wail. Ugh. Want.

7. When people ask me if I am going to have another child [soon], it makes me want to cut them. Do not ask me that question.

8. I am doing Project Life this year to document my life. It's scrapbooking for cool kids. Google it. I'm doing weekly updates in my book and guess what week I'm on. I'll wait. May. I'm on week May. I just ordered 101 free prints from Shutterfly and that brought me up to August. I know. Every week as time slipped further and further out of my grasp I just pretended like that wasn't happening.  Except for that it was. Yikes.

9. You know how I am home all the day long and Evan is at work all the day long? I'm thinking of using some of the time that Evan is not home this week to break out the Christmas decs. JUDGE ME.

10. So, I got my hair cut yesterday. I went to a beauty academy and they charge five whole dollars for a hair cut because they are students. I went in September before Seattle and got the best haircut of my lifetime. Ask Evan how many times I told him I loved my hair. He will not be exaggerating when he says a million. (And it's funny because the school messed up because I wanted to see some other girl and they put me with my girl and it was fate. Destiny. Whatever. I love her.) And so I went back to her yesterday. And I still love her. She's great. Whatever, blah blah. But she gave me crooked bangs. I have to wear a headband or a wrap or something on my noggin to cover up the fact that my bangs are not straight. And I have straight across bangs. That's my thing. And Jamie's. And Zooey's. We're all BFFs. But they're probably going to kick me out of the bangs club because mine are not good right now. It makes me laugh hysterically because this is something I would do to myself. And did to myself earlier this summer when I cut my own bangs. Then I promised myself I wouldn't cut them anymore. And then what happens? I think this is the universe's way of saying that it's okay that I cut my own bangs. The rest of my hair is real good though. I kind of love it a lot. And I will still go back to her because it's $5. I can stand some crooked bangs for a week for $5.

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  1. 3. Good grief, is this ever true. That perfectionism that I always have had–forced out the window.
    4. We took both kids trick-or-treating and are totally snacking down on the babe's treats. Of course! One lady said, "Oh, what can he have (she didn't even look at her or wait for me to answer)? M&M's. Yes." Then she didn't have any, so she gave us Reese's Pieces. Because peanuts are like the number-three allergy in the US. And, no, we are obviously going to eat them.
    5. I think I can tell how you are spelling it out... I think. I say the second! "Ha-(like haha)-luh-ween." The long-o-sound gets lost to the short-a sound in there somewhere. :)
    8. We did 101 free prints, too! Winners!
    9. Yes. Yes. And, yes.
    10. Can you trim them straight and short like pixies like Emma. Michelle. Ann. ?

    1. 3. Seriously. Still working on not being such a perfectionist. It's not going so well.
      4. Hahaha peanuts. Yes. Please give me zero-year-old peanuts. THUMBS UP. Also high five for getting the gender wrong!
      5. I don't know how you're saying it but you better not be saying "Holloween." ;]
      8. SERIOUSLY YES. I was so excited about it! The $8 shipping was kind of lame but it would have cost me almost $20 to get 101 free prints at one of our stores. So, winning!
      9. Christmas dec partaaaay!
      10. I have thought about it. But I hate my eyebrows! I should go get them waxed and fixed and then have them trim up my bangs. I have a friend with super short bangs and I so envy them. I just might have to do it. If my hair is straight it looks less dumb and more purposeful. We'll see, we'll see.

  2. 1. Spider violations are the worst. Just yuck.

    2. I've seen people posting instagram sales and wonder about them. So glad you found a super cute shirt!

    3. It takes me forever to clean, now, just because I hate starting the chores. Once they're started, I'm good, but that first step . . . no . . . I might as well just prepare myself to live in a hovel once we have kids because it's just not happening ;]

    4. Seriously??? They're asking you to give him sugar? Doesn't he have just like ONE tooth?? Can his little system even handle it??? Seriously, people . . .

    5. It's definitely Hal-low-ween. Totally. Nope, Evan, just nope.

    6. Everybody's having babies. Seriously. It's insane. Was it this bad when it was like "OMIGOSH everyone's getting married" phase??? What other phases are there?? "Omigosh like everybody's retiring" or something??? It's just weird.

    7. What is it about being in your twenties and everyone asking all of your intimate life plans? It's like they're in more of a hurry than you are . . .

    8. Definitely going to have to google that. The only scrapbooks I know of, really, were the ones my mom made in Creative memories. Never. Nope. Never. Hopefully yours is loads more fun ;]

    9. Not judging. Not even a little bit ;] The moment we hit Thanksgiving. I'm totally pulling out all of our decorations.

    10. I love going to beauty academies for cheap hair cuts. You're such a good sport about it! I hope they grow back soon!!! :]

    1. 1. THEEE WORST. So rude of that spider.
      2. Yes. GET ON IT! They're so much fun!
      3. Me too! Also the fact that I get so distracted while cleaning! By the time I'm done I haven't actually cleaned but I have done 10 other things so I suppose it was worth it.
      4. YES. People are crazy, man. People apparently forget that babies shouldn't have anything but mama's milk and veggies + fruit. AND ONLY CERTAIN ONES! It amazes me how dumb people get when there's a baby around. hahaha
      5. THANK YOU.
      6. Yes. We were just talking about this phenom with my mama friends. I have mama friends? Weird.
      9. THANK YOU.
      10. WORD. I am a cheapo. If they do a good job? Even better!
      <3 xoxo

  3. how can people already be asking you if you're going to have another baby when YOU HAVE A BABY RIGHT NOW?! also, HELLO do they not know how to mind their own business?! i also feel like cutting people when people ask me when dallas and i are going to start having kids. um, hello, we've been married four months. you really expect us to sit down and explain for half an hour all the complexities of when we decide to have kids? boo.