Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what we've learned


last night i was going through my blog, getting ready to write an anniversary post because it's our anniversary? no. it's not. stop lying.

i got to our post from last year and saw a picture of a cake. and immediately i remember that i was supposed to order our cake. "supposed to" because that's what i do. is take care of little details that mean the most. AND I REALIZED I FORGOT. i was freaking T.O.'d. (can you imagine if you couldn't speak english and you saw that? ha. ha. ha.) i called evan, freaking out, about in tears (because CAKE.) and he's like, "baaaaaaaabe!" all sad and junk. and i was like, "i know." in the best pouty voice i have. and i told him to NOT go buy a box cake because i don't want that shiz. wedding anniversaries equal bakery cake. and he said, "are you going to be depressed about it all night?" duh, evan. CAKE. and he said, "what if i told you i already ordered one? i was going to surprise you with it but i don't want you to be upset."

YOU. GUYS. he's the best.


year three. how wild. i don't know how time does it, this speedy-up thing where the days suddenly fly by. i did not wake up three years ago on this day and expect three years to come up so quickly. i think it also doesn't help that now i have the minutes and seconds ticking by in front of my face in the shape of this tiny little human who is growing up in front of my eyes (even though that's a lie, you can't see it. i don't get time. i don't get it at all.). but three years. in the blink of an eye, it feels like. so here are some of the things we learned from our third year of wedded bliss (see year two here)

/we learned how to cook!


/larissa refuses to use measurements and changes the recipe every time.

/evan follows the recipe to the T and refuses to team cook when recipes are involved.

/larissa taught evan how to change a diaper.

/evan taught larissa how to get a onesie over the baby's face.

/we have a shower war where the person not showering turns the hot water off so the shower blasts the shower-er with freezing cold water.

/evan is ridiculously good at this game.

/larissa sucks at this game.

/we fell more in love with beer during year two.

/then larissa had to give it up for year three.

/and evan kind of gave it up, too.

/moral support.

/we act like three-year-olds sometimes.

/larissa head butts evan's chest.

/evan tackles larissa to the ground.

/evan got rid of his beard for one minute.

/larissa lost her ever-loving mind.

/evan spoiled larissa rotten with homemade breakfasts and lattes and chocolate cake.

/larissa is spoiled.

/larissa's favorite food in the whole wide world is blueberry muffins (with raw sug. who am i?!).

/evan fuels this addiction entirely too much.

/we don't know how to say no.

/we are people pleasers.

/we're working on those last two.

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  1. Loved this post.
    That is so cute that he ordered the cake without telling you. You two are totally meant for one another.

    Happy anniversary,Larissa & Evan!!

    1. i know it! i died. made me so so happy. thanks friend! you are the best! <3

  2. So much cute! Happy anniversary, love birds! You guys are the best together. This post also made me want cake! I think I'll celebrate with you guys!

    1. thanks, marlyn! xo
      come celebrate! we'll share our delish cake!!!

  3. This is just fabulous. I've so missed reading your lovely, funny little posts.
    And, yeah, anniversary cake is kinda a big deal ;]
    Also, I don't believe in measuring for cooking, either. It drives my MIL and SIL NUTS because I can't give them an exact recipe EVER. Baking, however, I'm meticulous. I learned the hard one that you HAVE to measure those . . . but it's still fun.
    OMG BLUEBERRY MUFFINS!!! Love those! I have a great recipe for homemade ones if you'd ever like. Addictive.
    Happy happy HAPPY anniversary! XD


      i never bake. but when i do i pretty much use the exact measurements. i made my mema's cookies the other day and she said to use like 4543 cups of flour and i refused. i used 5. and they turned out great. so. i'm going to not be meticulous anymore. also i like to use extra vanilla. because yum.

      evan hates it. it drives him crazy. i make these tuna burgers and i just throw everything in there and he's like, "please tell me exactly how much to use." NO. I CANNOT. hahaha

      i'm glad your back (ish). ;) missed you, girl! xo

    2. There's totally ALWAYS room for more vanilla. Period.

      I can't tell exact amounts either. At all. I'm like, "Ummm . . . add more until it tastes right to you . . . and, if you add too much . . . I dunno . . . add more milk or cheese or something . . ." You just kinda know when it's RIGHT, and that can't be measured ;]

      Here's a link to the blueberry muffins:

      It's actually my SIL's old cooking blog she started and then stopped about two years ago where she shared recipes she'd discovered online. Most of it's baking because that is her FAVORITE. I'm the person who likes to cook, she's the one who likes to bake.
      These muffins, though. So good. It does call for lemon zest but I just use the lemon juice out of a bottle, because, let's face it, what on EARTH am I going to do with just a random lemon that's been zested? Unless there's some other lemony recipe planned for the night, NOTHING. I made these last weekend for the first time in like a year, and we used half blueberries and half raspberries and OMG. So good.
      Enjoy! :]

      Glad to be back. Miss you, too! :]