Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what we've learned

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two years down, 100 more to go. we're still learning and we don't always get it right, but i love that man past the moon and the stars and he makes my heart sing. this thing, this is for keeps.

/do not speak ill of your husband or wife. that relationship is sacred. those bonds are sacred.

/we learned to value each others opinion above all else.

/husbands and wives that pray together, stay together.

/evan does not like to share the covers.

/larissa likes to play soccer in her sleep. [also likes to wake up laughing regularly.]

/we LOVE sushi. like, real sushi. raw fish and all. we love it.

/evan has a good eye when it comes to neon green paint. 

/larissa has major anxiety when it comes to any kind of paint, no matter the color.

/we learned how to make new friends. and how to keep the good ones around. and how to boot the bad ones. we learned how to be each others BEST FRIEND in every sense of the word. even more than before.

/evan is the hottest bearded man alive.

/larissa learned how to fall in love with the beard and DOES NOT want it to ever go away.

/we learned about love languages and how to communicate with more than just our words and our actions.

/evan is too generous when it comes to his free time and his friends.

/larissa is too stingy when it comes to evan's free time and his friends. [LARISSA IS GREEDY.]

/we've learned to be better time managers. especially when it comes out to only 48 hours of together time.

/evan doesn't cook.

/larissa doesn't cook.

/we need to learn how to cook.

/evan has the ability to convince larissa that this is the best place on earth.

/larissa decided that anywhere with evan is the best place on earth.

/we do not know anything about taxes or sprinklers or garage door openers or random leaks in the foundation of your brand new house or the installation of a washer and dryer or how to install a light fixture or how to spend four + weeks re-roofing your house. BUT BY GOLLY, WE FREAKIN LEARNED IT ALL.

/"home is wherever i'm with you" was our theme song for the year. and probably maybe the rest of our life. also, "stand by me."

/we learned how to use our fancy pants camera kinda.

/we drank a lot of beer. turns out we're beer and wine kinda people. [with the occasional margarita of course.]

/we stuck up for each other and practiced being encouragers.

/we decided that this was a good year to start chasing our dreams.

yep. bring it on, year three, i can feel it---you're gonna be a good one!

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  1. I loved reading this.
    So, so sweet and beautiful.

    You two are PERFECT for one another.
    Love this!

    1. aw. that makes my heart happy that you see that. =] thanks friend. <3

  2. This post. Just fabulous. Seriously. You guys are so sweet and just lovely. For reals.
    I love the bit about you waking up laughing. How cool is that???? ;]

    1. Gosh. Thanks Sarah! I wake up laughing all the time. I'm funny in real life AND in my dreams ;]

  3. I could comment on this for days! Lots of wisdom and things that made me giggle out loud!
    Loved this whole thing and seeing your love shine through! :)

    1. Comments for dayzzz. Hahahaha

    2. Yep! And here's some more! You deserve them after me being MIA! ;)