Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ten things

this is us:

ten things about being married to your best friend off the top of my head (and the bottom of my heart):

1. we have the best talks in bed. this is also a source of frustration for us. evan is a "get into bed and go to sleep," kind of guy. i am a "get into bed and chat for an hour to wind down," kind of girl. but when he can stay awake, we have the best talks and the most laughs.

2. we have some serious husband-wife telepathy. one time, evan left for the gym at like 6 am and i woke up around 7, desperately craving a doughnut (pregnancy problems) and i telepathically asked evan to bring one home. HE DID. it happens all the time. we are the same person sometimes.

3. we are the best team always. we have a system for everything from dishes to yard work to cooking to feeding and changing maddox. life is so much easier when you have a partner.

4. we make cute kids.

5. built-in best friend. i never have to wonder who will take me shopping or to dinner or build all my pinterest projects or buy me all of the things.

6.  there is always someone around to laugh at your jokes. (a second someone, because let's be honest, i laugh at my own jokes.) and there's always someone to make jokes because evan is hilarious.

7. there's always someone there to do your hair when you just don't feel like it. (yes. evan sometimes does my hair.)

8. if you leave the dishes or the laundry or the vacuuming or the sweeping or moth killing or the lawn mowing or whatever else annoying chore undid long enough, someone else will usually get sick of it and just do it.

9. you always have someone to rejoice with you in your triumphs, no matter how little.

10. you never, ever, ever have to go to sleep alone.

9 loves:

  1. Love this.
    You guys are just the cutest. Seriously :]
    And the married telepathy? Best. Thing. EVER. Chris and I crack up constantly because one of us is always saying exactly what the other is thinking at the EXACT moment. It's awesome.
    Again, happy anniversary!

    1. thanks friend =]

      yes. married telepathy is so great. evan and i always say the same thing at the same time. or are always thinking the same thing. i love it. perks of being married to your best friend, i tell ya.

  2. i sooo love the photo of you guys, i do that talk hours with my friends when they spend the night lol..

  3. i love this list! it makes me miss my husband so much! he has been out on his ship for two weeks, but he gets home tomorrow. i think the moment he walks in the door, i need to teach him how to do my hair though...we are lacking in that couple area.

    1. Get it together, girl friend! Haha jk ;]

      I love when he does my hair. Even if it is a hot mess. It makes for some good laughs, that's for sure.