Monday, July 15, 2013

ramblings about my weekend for your monday morning pleasure

sundays are the best kind of days for being lazy. especially when your saturdays are spent child-proofing your home for your husband and his guy friends to demolish your house with their 20 ounce steaks (what even?! that's like half a cow) and lawn games, holding an upset baby and going out to the loudest bars for a bridal party slash bachelorette shindig for one of your dearest, sweetest friends.

[do i look really, really ridiculously tan? it's because i am. thanks. also, that dress? target. it's my new favorite. i had to buy a black dress last-minute and i tried on every single black dress that i could find, in three different stores. here's a fun fact about me: i get stuck in clothes. it could be a t shirt and i am all, "evaaaaan? can you help me?" i cannot try on clothes in stores that have separate dressing rooms for boys and girls because first of all, this isn't kindergarten; and second, i get stuck in anything and everything and 99% of the time i need evan's help to untangle myself. so yes. i got stuck at least 5 times and maddox was sleeping of course and of absolutely no help, whatsoever. so i took lots of deep breaths and wiggled my way out of 300 different dresses and spent entirely too much of my day searching for the perfect black dress. but i found it. and i love it. except for it would be 350% cuter if it had pockets.]

that constitutes an excuse for a lazy sunday if i ever heard one.

if you need more of an excuse than that: evan and i stayed up until the ungodly hour of three am talking. (THREE. A. M. WHO. ARE. WE.)

so sunday was spent in my favorite t shirt and evan's sweats (for me) and a diaper (for maddox). we laid on the couch for the entire day (after peeling ourselves out of bed at 11 am. [again i say, WHO ARE WE?]) and caught up on our guilty pleasure TV while getting foot massages and making the baby laugh. because you guys. he has a legitimate laugh now. it's adorable. and he did it for the first time on our anniversary. happy anniversary to us, from maddox.

i left the couch for a split second to whip up some peaches and cream because summer and to change SIX poopy diapers. i found the reason for the crying, you guys. found it. evan left the couch to feed me too much junk food like hawaiian pizza (which is my new obsession) and to make me 30 pots of hot tea because talk shouting at your friends in very loud bars and restaurants equals sore throats and no voices and requires a metric shhhhhhht ton of peppermint tea.

and we all wound up in bed by like 9 pm because we decided to come back to the real world of responsibilities and junk, just in time for monday morning.

7 loves:

  1. Haa LOL last min shopping thats always stressful how fun!!!

    lazy sundays i love soo much after church day!!

  2. sounds like a good weekend to me! i had a super lazy one myself and it was sooooo needed.

    btw love that cute clutch. :)

    1. heck yeah! lazy weekends are necessities sometimes. they just are. no excuses needed, usually. ;]

      thanks! target. of course.

  3. sounds like a super busy weekend. I've only gotten stuck in something in a fitting room a couple of times and it was super awkward. my sister got stuck in a shirt once the sales people had to cut off of her. super awkward! on the flip side you did find the perfect dress!

    Em K

    Win a pair of Manitobah Moccasins!

    1. hahah oh man. that's hilarious! did she have to buy it afterwards?

      when i was 18 i got super, super stuck in a shirt and finally got it off but it was so cute....i still bought it. hahahaha

  4. You look FABULOUS! Love the little black dress, and you look so pretty!
    Lazy weekends on the best. So glad you had a great one snuggling with family :]
    And yay for Maddox's first laugh on your anniversary! What a great little gift!

    1. thanks lady love! i love that dress, too. i def need way more fancy occasions to wear it on!

      he just knew the best gift to give us. such a sweet pea.