Wednesday, May 1, 2013

sleep talk with a baby

sometimes all times, we like to talk in our sleep. it used to just be evan, but i've picked up on it, too. maybe it's because i'm exhausted or because my sleep schedule is completely jacked. whatever the reason, evan and i certainly do not need to be awake to have a conversation with one another.

here's what's been said over the past month:
(also keep in mind that maddox sleeps next to our bed in his rock & play because i'm attached to him and still sometimes need to put my hand on his chest to feel his breaths. don't judge. he'll sleep in his room eventually.)

/me: "his head keeps falling off! his head keeps falling off!"
evan: "are you feeding him?!"
me: silence.

/a few minutes later...
me: "i can't find him. he's between us." also me frantically hitting the sheets/bed between us.
me: silence.

/one night maddox woke up screaming his head off to be fed and evan sat up in bed, leaned over me and shouted, "THAT'S MY BABY! THAT'S MY BABY!" then fell back into bed and was instantly back asleep.

/one night evan got up to feed him and brought him back in, put him in his crib and then left the room. it woke me up but not up enough to fully register what was happening so i dreampt/thought that evan had laid maddox on my chest. evan left the room for probably 2 minutes and i laid in bed with my hands on my chest holding this imaginary baby. when evan climbed back into bed i asked him to "put him in his crib." evan responded, "in his room?" "no." "do you mean the rock and play?" "no!" "what are you trying to say?" "no. take him off my chest." evan laughs. "he's in his rock and play." then i got mad. "do you know you're talking in your sleep?" i rolled over and went back to sleep.

in case you want to read more funnies from evan, there is this post and this post.

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  1. oh my gush i sooo love this makes me whole laugh outside of my mind k soo read my blog cause i have a story about it for me
    !!??? :)

  2. 1. Sleep talks are the best talks. I love that you all have made it a family activity.

    2. When I am home, I will sometimes wake up to a dark figure standing over me with its hand on my chest. It is my mom. I am twenty-four. I think you're fine.

    3. I like your new layout a lot a lot.

  3. 1. It's Always a good idea to do things as a family I feel like.

    2. Hahaha your mom. I would not like that one bit.

    3. Thank you a lot a lot!

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