Monday, September 12, 2011

hey! soldier!

if you have a significant other, you probably know that some of the funniest stories they tell are of your sleeping habits. evan can make the tears roll down my face with his descriptions of how i am in my sleep.


you should hear my stories about him.

like last night, when he reached over me, started shaking me and said, "Hey! Soldier!!!" hahaha (all whilst sleeping.)

and then the following conversation:
me: "what?" (awake.)
evan: "do you know that little yellow house, it's really small, but this really old guy has taken really good care of it? we looked at it today. i think it's on beverly hills?" (asleep.)
me: "the one to the west? what about it?"
evan: "i want to tell that old man thank you."(still sleeping.)

he was dreaming about "the hunger games," and where this random yellow house came in i just do not know. and later he told me he didn't know if i was a boy or a girl which is why he woke me up with "hey! soldier!"

or the time i woke up to him petting the bed. he was standing over his side of the bed just petting it with his hand. "evan. evan. EVAN! what are you doing?!" "getting the water off." "get in bed. get in bed. EVAN. GET. IN. THE. BED. NOW."

or when we were planning on dinner with our friends jess and joe. i woke up to evan sitting up in bed, and when i asked him what he was doing, he replied, "getting out of the way so joe can cook the chicken."

there's been highfives, and attempted helicopter landings ("SIX FEET AT TWELVE O'CLOCK!"), sleep walking around the house, kicks, punches, hair pullings....

we get pretty crazy round these parts.

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  1. LOL! I love that you wrote all of this down because in the morning sometimes it can be so hard to remember that it even happened! Too funny.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad your sweet comment lead me here :)

  2. I giggled through this whole post! :)

  3. haha! i love sleeptalking/walking stories. barclay sleepwalks ALL THE TIME. it's fantastic.
    growing up, i had a friend who would sleepwalk to the kitchen and pee in the garbage can.

  4. @suzy seriously?! That's hilarious. And disgusting.

  5. This literally made me laugh OUT LOUD. Too funny!
    Sleeping habits are the best :]
    Apparently, I'm the one who wakes up shouting weird things or having unconscious conversations. Chris is pretty boring when it comes to sleep ;] He actually sleeps . . .

  6. haha so funny!! I don't have too many stories of our sleeping habits yet but I am sure one day I will... Thanks for sharing

  7. Dude, that's crazy. I would be terrified to wake up to that. haha, maybe it takes some getting used to.

  8. So, what you're saying is that Evan is way entertaining in his sleep. I would be a little fearful of going to bed though with the kicking and punching.

    Apparently I talk and laugh in my sleep. At least I'm a happy sleeper.