Saturday, September 17, 2011

thankful for the rainy weekend

there are good things in store for today. good things that make up for the weirdest week of my life.

/like when that crazy girl at work got allllll sorts of pissed off about me getting 45 pieces of paper stuck in the copier. (to which she said, "i hate people." yeah, i just hate when people get paper stuck inside the copier, and the copier is just the victim. what?!)

/or when i had the crappiest couple of days. just because. sometimes you just have multiple bad days, you know?

/when i was kinda maybe hung over on wednesday. too. much. wine. and then we forgot about the bottle in our freezer and it exploded. that was fun, too.

/feeling defeated.

but today:

/i'm going to evan's first lgf game (he's a coach, i'm not married to a 12-year-old. that would be weird).

/i'm going to finish my wreath while evan spends his day doing gross football stuff.

/i have an ethiopia meeting to which i just learned i get to leave a day early! at 1! yaaay! (also, the entire team is leaving at different times. my mom is leaving at 5. some people are still leaving on saturday. night.mare.) (and when i found that out, i just sat at my desk and laughed because i was so excited. good thing no one walked by. i'm a freak sometimes.)

/symphony tonight. and our tickets were bogo! and we get to dress up!

/it's rainy. it's cloudy. boots, scarves, jackets, and hot hot hot tea. today is already perfect.

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  1. Love the rainy days!! Glad you weekend was better!!!... oh and

    PS I think Craft night SHOULD in Fact be a regular thing!!