Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Thirty Six

336. Finding the notes I made in my phone to evan during my tonsil recovery when i couldn't talk (jamie's idea) and peeing my pants. "Yes, Quizno's with their toasted crunchy bread that will rip my throat open. No, dingdong."
"I'm gonna shower in case they do want to hang out. Cuz my pitties are growing new bacteria. So baiii." (omg.)
"do you want to know something about yourself? clearly i'm doing something so hold on a damn minute. something: if there is something, anything on the floor you will step on it."
"want to know something about me? something: this medicine heightened my sense of annoyances so that noise you're making with that disgusting drink? i'm going to give you tonsil scabs with that straw if you don't stop it."
"Get a different alarm. that's pissing me off. i don't care. it's 6 why are you waking up at 6? it woke me up and i was sleeping fine. well then get up and turn it off." 
"you're being violent and i cannot swallow so i have a ton of spit built up and i'll spit on you (true story.). do not tempt me. chocolate." (hahahahahha)
no, really. that's how i act in real life.

337. Seeing my husband 3 times in one work day. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack. i love him.

338. Dyson vacuum cleaners. there is something so, so satisfying about emptying a canister and seeing all that nasty stuff you've been walking around on and sitting on and laying on (yuuuuum) go in the trash.

339. Crafting nights with Jamie. Our wreaths are amazing. Craft night needs to be a new tradition.

340. Have you ever seen someone drive like an idiot and want to follow them and yell at their face/leave a note? i do. all. the. time. but there are too many people to follow! how do you choose? well. on thursday, jamie and i saw this idiot run this red light. bad. plus they were driving like a crazy anyway. they deserved two notes. guess what? idiot is my new neighbor! i left a note!!! oh, happy day!

341. Twenty seven days till eithiopia which means that's 16 days until November which means November is less than 45 days which means we can put an offer in on our house!!!

342. "That jealousy that you're feeling right now? That's how you purposely make larissa feel every chance you can. enjoy it." IF ONLY he would have actually said that out loud. made my life.

343. Days when you don't need an alarm clock.

3 loves:

  1. hahaha, I love the tonsillectomy messages! <3 I've been working on my wreath a lot tonight, I'm excited to finish it!! I'm also really excited for you to go to Ethopia! Not beacuse you'll be gone- that's sad..but because you get to go! =D If you tie dye shirts again before you go..PLEASE CAN I HELP?! k thanks.

  2. Lately, my favorite thing in the world is the one or two times a month that I don't have to set an alarm... it's the greatest feeling EVER.

  3. I seriously love that you followed that guy to leave a note and he is your neighbor!
    I'm with you on the alarm clock days. Any day I can go without one, I will!
    Yay for house hunting and making offers! such a fun time in life.
    Ok and I loved seeing your wreaths on IG! They are so pretty!