Monday, February 6, 2012

five OR how i am not a one trick pony

disclaimer: we did not miss date four. date four is strewn about my living room. we'll get around to it. i told you, we're being flexible.

date five: thrifting.

can i possibly put into words how excited i was for this date? not possible. it was my turn to draw a date from the jar and when i pulled this one out, evan rolled his eyes at me.

can i possibly put into words how wrong evan was about this date?


we're doing some really fun art in our kitchen so we decided to hunt down some stuff for that. we got pretty distracted by the WALL of board games in the very first store we went to. the most expensive game? $4.99. And they were 25% off. I don't know if you've bought any sort of board games recently...but those suckers are expensive. we got five games for $12. FIVE. (actually three because evan got two sports games that I WILL NEVER PLAY, so they don't count.) but srsly. five games. for the most part, intact. we did have to steal a dice from another game, but dice smice. i'll steal dice all day long for games under five dolla.

that's my really awkward pose slash smile. and look how bad my hair is being! that awkward space?! ahhh! it totally read my last blog post and is now misbehaving even more. i didn't wash it last night (shhhhhh) and so it's being super punished today and is finally being

also, have you ever played "loaded questions?" so. much. fun. it was one of the games we found, but our friends also have this game and if you get a good group of people, who are funny, and obnoxious, you'll die of laughter. i'm the best at this game. i'm not even kidding you. if you want to really learn how to play, invite me over and i'll kick your butt.

next we decided to venture to another store for fun where we found some ugly paintings that we obviously decided to better.

i really, really like this picture of myself. just saying.

this is also being counted as another project for my home, so basically i've done 3 out of 12 (of the SAME THING hahaha), plus a couple little things here and there that i don't absolutely love, so i'm not going to put them on here. (you can't think i suck at anything, okay? because i don't.) sooooyep. that "Happiness" picture would have been a PERFECT match for our "home is wherever i'm with you" picture. pre-spray paint. they were probably by the same artist. sorry, artist. my art is better than yours.

we also used the rest of our letters from our earlier picture and didn't get more because we're cheap and lazy. i was making "e's" out of "f's" and "r's" out of "p's & b's & d's." following? that is talent. and that is also why the "h" is bigger. because it's masking tape and not letter sticker. and i wanted it bigger than the rest. that's what we call an "on purpose" mistake. it's also what you call "flexibility." (and that's also what is going on with the "r's" in "adventurers" below. which you didn't notice until i just now pointed that out. but they look like real "r's.")

 i saw that quote on pinterest and was like YES. YESYESY-E-S (direct quote). but we obviously made ours better than the pinterest one. obviously. and in case you can't read it, "oh darling, let's be adventurers." DO NOT ask me how many times i moved the "adventurers" over. so many. because the damn words is too long. and those stickers are too big! the paint peeled pretty bad because i was sticking and unsticking and sticking and unsticking the letters. mind you, i didn't realize i didn't have enough room until i was to, like, the last "s." every. single. time.

also funny is that this picture is boats on water. i am terrified of water (like the ocean kind, not the shower kind). because you can't see the bottom. i probably would never get on a cruise ship. omg i can't even imagine the kristen bell panic that would ensue. plus, they tip over. anyway, so this quote on this picture is quite hilarious. almost equally hilarious would be if it were on a picture of an airplane in the sky OVER the ocean. because ya'll know how much i love flying. put that scary, dark, bottomless ocean underneath that and i think i just peed my pants. terrifying. so evan, let's not be too adventurous adventurers. let's keep two feet on the solid ground. (kidding.)

and when i saw that asterisk on the sheet i squealed out loud and HAD TO use it. it's so cute. i would have put a million of them on there but evan held me down so i did not get to do that.

my OCD was in full force that night. the only reason i didn't have the hand-held level was because i couldn't find it. and i swear i'm not a one trick pony. next art project will be something entirely different yet just as amazing.

also, this was such a fun date. shopping + husband + wendy's frosties + trying to take a picture of a stranger + the crazy people that come out at thrift stores.

i love that man.

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  1. EEEP! I love board games! We have like twenty of them that friends gave us when they moves. Seriously! My new favorite is an Alice and Wonderland strategy game. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!
    Also I love you letter paintings! I want to make my own so bad. Must find a crappy thrift store picture. ASAP!
    What an awesome date!

  2. @amy- Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely look into it! Also I have to find this redneck game where you pretend you're rednecks and it looks hilarious. The thrift stores need to hear my needs and get on it! Also, if you make one post a picture so I can see! Ive literally found all my pictures for like $4 at goodwill so I hope you find something ugly that you can beautify!

  3. I love that picture/quote/letter idea & will have to try it. I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. This sounds like such fun. I love thrifting and the idea of the pictures is great. You've done a great job. I really love the picture of you with the HAPPINESS art you did. Awesome.

    you are one talented girl. :)

    ps: thanks for passing by my blog.

  5. I love your diy pictures. AMAZING!

  6. @courtney-do it! I want to see!
    @jennifer- thank YOU for stopping by MY blog. =] and thank you for your kind words. I am just so smitten with that picture. Haha
    @danielle-thanks girl!

  7. I love your diy, it looks really neat! Would be a perfect gift. I love dates like this one.

  8. @lauren-thanks! What's funny is I was actually going to say "dear anyone getting married: meet your present." haha it's so unique. I think it'd be a great gift.