Sunday, January 1, 2012

once a month;

this year, my goal is to make a DIY project once a month. (at least. i'm hoping for more, but i'm going to go easy on myself and trying not to stress evan out too much with the crafty crap.)

so we started a little early when i saw a picture from one of my instagram friends (lindsey) who shared the most amazing picture. (you can see the picture HERE and her feed HERE.) when i saw this picture i about died. this is my all time favorite hymn, written by a man who encountered the most horrific experiences and went on to be amazing. i made evan stop whatever he was doing, shoved my phone in his face, "LOOK AT THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER LAID MY EYEBALLS ON. WE ARE DOING ONE OF THESE THIS WEEKEND. ALSO? DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG? WHAT. YOU DON'T. HOLD ON. YOU ARE LISTENING TO IT NOW." and then proceeded to cry my eyes out while listening to it. it's that good. (and if you didn't at least check out her picture, march your little cursor back up here and click it.) (and HERE'S a link to the song so you can be double amazed today. you didn't know you were going to get so many freebies here today, did you?!)

she freaking made that picture. i'm speechless. i've seen other versions around but i'm not going to lie to you, hers is the best.

so i had to try for second place. i didn't want to be a scum bag and straight up copy her like 2 seconds after she posted the picture (but i plan to in the future, duh) so i chose my other favorite line from a song that i've wanted to work into art for about a decade now.

"home, let me go home. home is wherever i'm with you."

um yeah. that needed to be in my house home.

and now it is.

excuse the crappy before picture. i got all excited to stick the letters on and then was 2 words in and remembered i needed to document.

basically, you find a canvas print, get a quote, find some sticker letters, stick them on, spray paint over them, peel them off. and done.

this picture was two dollars and ninety nine cents at goodwill. it's horrific. a barn with a child and a dog and some disgusting greasy stains i tried to lysol off because that's just how i am sometimes. but the spray paint covered magically, didn't bleed under the stickers, and the stickers didn't pull off too much of the paint.

all in all, i am kind of majorly in love with it.

(and evan and i are pretty sure that UO would want to sell the first one in their store. we debated not even painting it because it even looks cool with just the letters. so have your pick, UO, we are open for business.)

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  1. I love it! I want one too now. That's by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, the song, so pretty :)

  2. totally saw this on the beautiful mess blog and have been wanting to try it out ever since...this makes me EXTRA want to.

  3. @coraline- i am so obsessed with this song. have you heard the little girl and her dad on youtube? ah! so stinkin cute. it's so easy and fun! seriously, 2 second project.

    @suzy-do it! she did another project on instagram today that i'm poaching for my next project. she has the best ideas up in her cute little head.

  4. i love this! Ok, I'm going to copy you now. haha :) can't wait to see all of your DIYs

  5. @katie-do it! Yours will be amazeballs because you're so artistic! So there. You have to.

  6. I love your goal to do a diy project each month.

    I can't wait to see all your projects and maybe even diy along with you!

  7. I so need to do this! It's easy. I have some pink spray paint waiting to be used. Just need a picture and a quote! Love how yours turned out!

  8. First of all, HOLY CRAP I'M SO HONORED! Had no idea anyone would like it as much as I do. Second, if there's one thing we need to do for each other, it's INSPIRE. Girls are so awful to each other, so let's eff that & make each other pretty things.

    Thanks Larissa, my new best bloggy instagrammy friend! I'm kind of obsessed with you.

  9. convenient, because i'm obsessed with you. <3 let's be friends. we're already making each other pretty things, let's make this a regular occurrence. i'm also going to copy the rest of your art on your blog. so, don't be mad at me. you can copy my wall of instagrams =]

  10. ive been wanting to do this since I saw it on beautiful mess. I just ened to find the right print. most things at my goodwill seem to be like 3d or that would be REALLLY dreadful. :)

  11. @isabella- good luck finding a print! It's harder than it sounds! I saw some pretty gnarly ones at goodwill but that's probably the beauty of goodwill, huh?

  12. I'm doing this project with a couple friends tomorrow! Which one do you prefer: painted letters, or painted background?

  13. I think it totally depends on your background. I loved it with the letters only but my painting had some dirty spots that I couldn't get clean. My entire intention was the end result so going into it that's what I wanted. I didn't expect it look as good as it did with just letters. You should make two! Haha I hope you post pictures!!