Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012;

the lastlast sunset of two thousand eleven

i really like to start my new year's off with a bang. typically you can find me hoarding a bottle of some choice beverage and not sharing.

this year was no different. me, candy shot glasses, whipped cream vodka. also, peach presses with cranberry juice and champagne like a shot.

well, hello 2012, so nice to meet you.

also noteworthy:

+tried a PB&J for the first time ever. it. was. DISGUSTING. i am kind of pissed at the world for hyping that up so much and then, turns out, it tasted like foot.

+also tried a PB&honey and that was equally as disgusting and tasted like sand. who wants to put 3 of he driest ingredients together and eat that? who decided that tastes good?! someone suggested i drink it with a glass of milk. yes, say that to the girl who has NEVER in her life had a glass of milk. i hate milk and i hate PB&J. i'm not american. my friend erin snapped this lovely picture of my reaction. obviously in love.

+this was a conversation: "i'm not that drunk. take me driving."-me "why? so you can prove to me you're not drunk by giving me driving instructions? what? stop at that red light."-evan (exactly. this is how i prove i'm sober. and it's hilarious that i brought it up.)

+spent a good long time bawling to evan about my life problems. i'd cry and cry and cry and he'd say, "hey remember when you..." and then i'd laugh and laugh and then mid laugh start to cry again. "if you took me to the doctor right now, i bet you anything they'd say i'm bipolar."

+tried to watch insidious for no reason at all. i HATE scary movies. i refuse to watch them, see their trailers, speak about them, etc. and there i was, pulling it up on instant netflix. (i didn't end up watching it, thank God.)

+spent the night surrounded by my favorite people. erin, jess and ashley (&logan): thank you all for entertaining me ("pull something else out!") and letting me entertain you ("if i were sober, i would not be touching this").

+and evan: thank you for babysitting me, for laughing at me ("I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW...IT'S FREEZING. TAKE ME IN.), for holding me, for putting me to bed, and for letting me be a little outrageous and a little out of control once and a while.

+even the blog is ringing in the new year with a face lift. the floral tapes and layout design are from the pugly pixel. i added the pretty writing and put it all together. i think it's mature and....lovely. =]

i hope everyone else had a safe [and slightly outrageous] start to their two thousand freaking twelve.

7 loves:

  1. I took more than that pictures. Let me tell you. Thank me right now that I am a good friend and may have deleted the other ones...where you look like you just tried dog poo. Even though. You really thought it was. :) I had an amazzzzing New Years. Thanks for hosting a little get togeth! You're the best married couple friend EVER.

  2. Bahaha oh my gosh. Do I even want to know? At least I wasn't puking or some junk. Let's hang out soon. We love you guys. Less drinky more gamey?

  3. Thats crazy that you have never tried PB&J before! Bummer that it was a disappointment.
    Just found your blog and I am excited to start following along.

  4. I am glad to hear that you had such a great time.

    I just can't believe you don't like pb&j's!!

  5. So much of this post made me laugh! Too funny!
    Love the floral blog look!
    Happy New Year to you Larissa!

  6. @amy- hahaha thanks girl =] happy new year to you as well! <3
    @danielle&cassie- that was literally the very first time I've ever tried one! EW! Haha my parents never ate them when I was a kid and therefore never made me either. I also pretended I wa allergic to peanuts when I went to my friends' houses so their parents never gave me one. Haha

  7. such a pretty picture! :) totally know what you mean about starting the new year with a bang! gotta do something special to start a new year!
    happy new year!
    p.s. i HATE scary movies sooo much too!