Saturday, December 31, 2011

the spot

i kind of love this place a lot. usually i go alone and have a few minutes of alone time snapping photos (and making a fool of myself in the wind with a dress.....) but today i took evan with me. and wore pants. he was a good, good sport in the freezing wind while i ran up and down the street taking pictures and screaming about how cold it was. he gifted me a TON of new camera stuff that i haven't even gotten to try out yet. a brand new ZOOM lens and some filters and what i lovingly refer to as my diaper bag to carry all this around in. and i wanted to play around with it today and the wind wasn't having any of it. soon, though. so i can quit my day job and take pictures for the rest of my life.

i love montana in 57 degree winters. if this is what global warming is, then bring it on.

4 loves:

  1. beautiful pictures! AND I love your new layout. so pretty.
    *IDEA* let's both quit our day jobs and become a photography team :)

  2. thanks amy & katie!

    katie-you should have seen it last night. i was following a tut from the pugly pixel and thought just by putting "height=200 width=200" it would rescale my photo and no. i needed to rescale it on the actual photo but i didn't understand. so my face was as large as my computer screen. good thing you didn't look then! and i think your plan is 100% perfect. except i'm moving to cali. i can't handle this windy cold shit montana is pouring out. xo