Thursday, December 29, 2011

a[nother] new year

2011 slipped right through my fingers, as per usual, and i'm faced with a brand new year to do with whatever i want.

i'm not making any resolutions because i'll break them. what? that's not a good attitude to have? well, life gets right in the way of resolutions sometimes and i'm just going to let life win this time.

even though i loved 2011 i am content to see it go. i realized recently that i'm harboring a lot of anger and resentment in my heart and i want to just let it go. i hold grudges for far too long and i don't even let people know that i'm holding them. i just keep it to myself and let this anger burn deep down in my soul until it eats me up inside.

i know that you can't just "let things go" at the drop of a hat. it's "easier said than done" and all that noise. but i'm going to seriously work on releasing this built up anger and just letting it go.

 so i guess that's my goal for 2012? letting things go, especially past things. and if i still can't let it go, i'm going to have to grow a pair and let it all come out. we'll see. 2012, be good to me, please.

but also, i have some really, really great things happening in my life for 2012. obviously i can't share. it's a surprise. but seriously. plus my house is mine now, so i'm going to DIY the hell out of it. i'm planning 12 projects for my home. bathroom: numero uno. (i haven't even showed you my grandma bathroom yet! orrrr.....the rest of my house. slacking. i'll add it to my list.)

anyway. 2011 was really a great year, mostly. it had it's ups and downs, like all my years, but i turned 23 and i lovelovelove this age.

i went back to africa to see my kiddos and to make some new friends.

i got over my fear of flying long enough to get there and get home and came home with a little less stress about the entire stupid thing.

we bought a home! we bought a home! we bought a home!

see above: i grew my hair really, really, really ridiculously long.

we strolled around denver for free.

we spent the day in DC. dream come true. (also free.)

our kitty had some kitties and evan gave them all away. even bob (left) and i loved him.

***i hope you know these are in no particular order. the ocd part of me is about to freak her freak.

we had our one year anniversary and ate some cake that said "happy anniversary." i surprised evan with it. i'm a sneaky snake. it was delish and much better than our year old freezer burned junk.

we bought ourselves a brand new (and then i got a million lenses for Christmas!!!)

and then we took some really, really good pictures with it.

i had the biggest word ever, ever. i also got an instagram and started an open relationship with siri, my brand new iphone.
um yeah. this is 2011 best moments worthy.

evan and i had a really great year. we went camping; we took a picture of the same spot once a month; we saw joaquim noah at the denver airport and evan acted like a 14-year-old girl at a jbeibs concert; we trekked it to my land; we had our second christmas as old married people and even took a christmas card picture we sent to ONE whole person; i got a real job that makes a lot of money; we were humbled over and over again by the ways God works; we fell in love a hundred million times all over again; and we just really really had a wonderful year together.

i absolutely cannot wait for the treats that 2012 has in store for us.

happy new year friends. i hope you're blessed.

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  1. I don't know if I have every told you this are amazing. Can't wait to spend another year with you beautiful!