Wednesday, February 8, 2012

where i wish time had a pause button

that's my new dress. it's from anthropologie. it's not newnew, but it's pretty new. and it's still my favorite. i would wear it everyday if that was socially acceptable. it's also the first purchase i ever made from anthro and it was like 75% off. and two seconds after i bought it they were sold out. one of my life's proudest moments.

that's also a frozen river. we ventured out there as part of date 4 (which is still strewn about my living room....don't judge me.) and i went out on the ice, in my favorite dress and boots and stood there mid-freak out with my hands all awkwardly flipped out at my sides and my hair the size of snooki because of the wind and my runfall down the bank. it could have ended badly. but in that moment, i didn't even care. (till i got home and saw that picture of me and laughed out loud at how ridiculous i am sometimes. i need someone to walk around with me and tell me when i'm doing weird things like talking to myself or picking my nose [IT ITCHED.] or when my hair just became a person with a mind of its own and is now ten times bigger than it used to be or when my hands grow their own brain or when my purse is hiking my dress up and even though i have tights on they are still see-through and pretty soon you can see right through them or when my dress gets all staticy and looks like pants or when i have a piece of paper on my shoe that looks like TP....those are the times i need to hire someone to just handle my crap and make me look good.)

and do you know what? i really don't like winter. i hate being cold and shoveling the sidewalks and scraping my car and driving slow and navigating through the snow in my SUV that thinks it's a rollar skate and slush and dirty snow and ice and slow drivers and leaving for work extra early and not getting home till extra late and not having any daylight et cetera et cetera. but if winter wants to be a frozen river on a warm winded day off with my best friend who takes me to chinese buffet so i can stuff my face full of crab wontons and pork lo mein and drink my weight in hot tea and drive me around town looking for pieces for our date number four and then curl up with me in bed while we watch TV and drink more hot tea and take naps and hot showers and make excuses as to why we can't go to the gym and eat pitas because that's the only thing open at 10 pm and watch project runway and make fun of those ridiculous outfits and curl up in each others arms and fall fast asleep...........then winter, stay as long as you like.

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  1. I love this post. I love the way your thoughts just explode at the last paragraph and I love that I can almost feel your feelings through the words you wrote. good one.


  2. I loved this post. It made me happy.

    Your dress is amazing by the way. Great deal!

  3. @rachel-thank you =] you are sweet.
    @danielle- I know, right? It would be wrong not to buy it. And thank you. <3

  4. so i definitely love your dress, and you :)

    i'll trade you, winter for summer. except I wouldn't trade winter if it meant all that good stuff too

  5. @katie- <33333321. I will trade you seasons. I still much prefer summer. =]

  6. I love you and your cute self and your rambly ramble posts and I think all of those things would make a cold winter much better too! ;)

  7. I feel the same way as you do about winter. I tell Jon each winter that I need to be living somewhere warm. Although there is something to be said about seeing the Rocky Mountains all covered in snow.


  8. @amy-you're cute. =]
    @lisa- I knowwww. What are we going to do next year when real winter comes back from its vaca? Move to Florida is the answer.

  9. Haha Oh your Anthropology story made me giggle. It's so true. I've been that proud before.
    And the frozen river-swoon.

  10. @amanda- I knowww! Oh my gosh. You cannot pass up a deal like that. What are the chances they'll have it that much off IN YOUR SIZE? I haven't found as good of a deal since then, either. It's probably once in a lifetime. Hahaha

  11. 75% off? Lucky girl! It is so freaking cute!
    And what a FUN date! And I hate winter! Snow is yucky and messy and ugly. Hate it!

  12. @courtney- I know! Everything is so expensive there so the markdowns are always huge so us normal people can afford the junk. Haha the 75% off is really just a normal price that every other store would carry. Oh well. It's cute, right?