Wednesday, February 1, 2012

where i ramble a bit

today was the best day. i don't even know why. i was just so happy.

but i want to complain about something for a half a sec. two somethings, actually.

1. PICNIK IS CLOSING. why?! what is this "google+" will edit your photos crap? i don't get google+, it doesn't make any sense to me. the same way facebook's weekly design changes don't make any sense to me. i had a big fit about this when i first saw it but then they were all sweet and nice and like "we gave you all the premium features for free" and i was like SCORE! but then they took away half the crap. are you like closing down an actual store, picnik? where you have to slowly get rid of things before your lease is up? no. you're not. so put all that crap back up, don't shut down, and let me continue to edit my pictures for free.

2. PICASA IS CREEPY. the other day blogger was like "your photo stash is full" or something. so it gave me a link to GO BUY MORE STORAGE (which i think it meant it wants to pay me to write here?.......soo.....yep.) and when i did that, i wasn't actually going to buy more storage because if i can't have like 300 photos on here, then buhbye. no. do you want to know why my storage is full? because RANDOM pictures THAT I NEVER, EVER, EVER put on blogger or the internet or anywhere but on my computer ARE ON PICASA. this ridiculous picture of me making a fish face. on there. 75 pictures of me trying to get a good outfit picture. on there. and even creepier than that is all these pictures have like 700 views. WHAT THE HECKFIRE?! (that's what people in the south say and i really want to be from the south so i say that, too.) (no, i really say that though. ask evan.) you know how you find ridiculous youtube videos where people are just making fools out of themselves? so you watch it. then your friends come over and you're all, "have you seen 'hitmanbreakeroftheeye?'" "No." "OMGWATCHTHIS." and then more friends come over and more friends and more friends and you all show them and then they go out and show their friends and pretty much i just created an internet phenom. (also, you're welcome for that link.) and so, i have 700 views on some random picture of myself that i don't even remember taking. and i'm not even exaggerating. i've never looked at this photo so i don't know who is. and why there are 700 views on it? so am i like some internet phenom between a random group of people who are like, "dude. look at this ridiculous girl. she takes the dumbest pictures of herself."

i'm so stressed out over this!

and then, THEN, i went to delete all of these awkward pictures of myself, because obviously, and do you know what a chore that is? it's like picasa purposely creeps on your computer for the most ridiculous pictures of yourself and then has the most asinine deletion process. it took like 30 minutes to delete like 4 pictures. those are not good odds for me getting rid of these weird pictures of myself.


but in good news, i got a cute dress from target!

the top is my favorite. geometric squares? okay! i know my hair is a little scary. i got stuck in a wind storm or something. right after i posted about how this is my favorite haircut, my hair read that and decided it would turn into a naughty 3-year-old child. i put it in a timeout messy bun and it still won't behave. also, that's my work bathroom. we didn't have a bathroom on our floor for over a month. and they didn't even tell anyone they were renovating it. i walked in there one day to no floor, walls or ceiling. just a big black hole. i really love communicating about necessities like BATHROOMS that are no longer there. but whatever. POINT IS: my dress is cute.

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  1. #1. I had the freaking same issue with blogger saying i couldn't upload more pics because i have reached my limit. did they really think i would buy storage to put my OWN pictures on my OWN blog? um. no. but i found a way to cheat the system. i logged into my gmail (the same email i use for my blog) and if you click on photos you can see all the pictures that were ever taken and associated with that email, even if it wasn't ever published. i had some weird, weird ones on there too, that i didn't even know i saved. so i deleted them all and now it works. still annoying.

    #2. your dress? yes. your hair? yes. especially your bangs? yes.

    your bangs make me miss mine.

  2. Hahaha! Oh my gosh.. I'm not laughing at your Picnik or Picasa despair.. But at your describing it... Oh my word... That 700 views thing is kind of creepy... Where did that come from??? WILDNESS! But I like Picasa.. A lot! In fact.. That's what I use 95% of the time for picture editing.. The new picasa has a ton of picture editing features that Picnik has (or had).. Dumb picnik.. don't EVEN get me started on that.. first Looklet..then picnik...then microsoft office live... what's next?? are they going to get rid of chocolate milk??? sunshine and puffy clouds????? Can't take it!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. You are a no reply comment blogger.. Click "display email" on your blogger's most helpful!

    PPS. LOOOOVED THAT DRESS! I think I already expressed my love on IG!

  3. Someone told me they are getting rid of GFC too... Like what in the world?????

  4. Kaleena-Hahahaha. My hair- a big giant NO! Except I love my bangs. I do. Get ours back! Also, when I went to my pictures in Picassa/gmail/google (omg they're probably all over the Internet........) I had to click this button then scroll down then delete then wait 45 minutes then refresh the page then sign out then in then go find a new picture to delete. It was a process. Much like how I imagine brain surgery would be. If you and I are not talking about the same process then tell me how to fix this! And also how to keep creepos from stalking me! Ahhh!

    Janette-I don't know what that means but I clicked it. Just for you ;) also I exaggerate. A lot. But I'm not kidding about these 700 views. Weiiiiiiiirdness! And I knowwww! What the hay with getting rid of all things good?! I downloaded Picassa and I'm so confused. I just want everything to stay the same and nothing ever change. Haha. But Srsly.

  5. That dress is brilliant. Target always shocks me with the awesome dresses.

  6. heehee, i pictured you shouting this entire blog post.

  7. You look so pretty in your new dress.

    Sorry I am so late to comment on this post, for some reason I didn't see it in my reader.

    It really does suck that Picnick is closing. I love that site....

  8. @suzy- that's pretty accurate.
    @danielle-you're the sweetest. Thank you! I hate that it's closing, too. (obviously.) I might just have to splurge on a real photo program or something.

  9. Did you also know that Google is going to make it so anyone outside of Blogger can't use Google Friend Connect anymore? And I assume they're doing it so more people will use Google+. So stupid.

  10. @krysten-oh my goodness! The companies and their need to make everything as difficult as possible. I've had g+ for a week and don't get it. I haven't really tried....but I have too many social networking sites as it is, I don't need another that doesn't even look appealing. Blah.

  11. OMG! I love you and your rambles! Seriously!
    I'm so mad about Picnik? Why does screw things up? Picasa is creepy! That is why I use Flickr now. I can make all my photos private and then I only post some on my blog. You might see if there is a way to make your picasa web albums private. I think there is!
    And how cute are you? "timeout messy bun". Your adorable and always making me laugh when I read your posts!