Saturday, January 28, 2012

23 before 24

i haven't done one of these in a while, huh? i am sort of slacking.....annnd i'm really good at last minute stuff so all the sudden on like may one it'll be bambambam done and done. but here's what i've done lately....

14. no fast food for a month.

one day evan got us a gym membership and i discovered mashed cauliflower and so i stopped eating fast food. that was december four through january four. and since then, i've eaten it maybe 3 times. katie told me i would think it's disgusting after my month and she was SO right. the whole month i really learned how much i really ate. when i was driving home right past like 40 fast food restaurants and i could smell it. and i wanted it. but i never got it. and now that i can have it again, i don't want it. i never crave it and the few times i've had it, it has not been very good. super proud of myself for this one.

21. learn how to crochet.

i kind of already knew how because i was taught at manner's camp once (yes. i know. it was more of a "learn-how-victorian's-lived-camp but then they snuck in the manner's part and i still put my silverware at 4 o'clock when i'm finished with my meal.) and then i watched some youtube vids when i wanted to make a scarf. but i could basically just chain stitch for one hundred miles. it's the coming back around part that got me. so jamie taught me how to make a granny stripe and i have since started two blankets and ran out of yarn for both and that is as far as i've gotten. depressing.

but i'm determined to finish sometime in this lifetime.  and i was making this blanket for someone else and so i don't really like the colors and seeing as how Christmas was like a month ago....i'm a little behind. also apparently i'm doing it wrong. so now i want to try something else. and i don't know how to tuck in my ends and those little guys are SO annoying.

i wasn't going to post this until i had three because even numbers make me uneasy and so today at lunch i was going to do number 1 which is eat alone in a restaurant by mah self but then THEN stupid, stupid downtown drivers and their horrible parking and some idiot cops who were blocking 451 lanes of traffic so i came this close to being rear ended and then the cop yelled at me. AT ME! and then there were NO parking spots except for the 10 minute ones and so i DROVE. AROUND for FORTY FIVE minutes looking for a damn spot and then i finally gave up and went to BK because it's right next to my office and i was starving. and i didn't pack a lunch so i wouldn't chicken out. well, next time i know. pack a lunch just in case the entire world comes out to play downtown during my lunch hour or else you'll have to eat fast food and for that, see number 14.

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  1. Lovely blog.

  2. Congrats on eating no fast food!

  3. That scarf is lookin' pretty good so far! I love the colors you chose! Maybe you could do a tutorial when you learn more. A lot of tutorials online are difficult to follow.

  4. i have the goal all the time to cut fast food entirely out of my diet. it goes really well, the only thing that kills it, is when i'm hungry at work and i don't have time for a long lunch so i have to go to a fast food place :( oh well, who am i kidding, it's not like i was bummed i HAD to eat fast food.

    i want to learn how to crochet too. in fact, i was driving the other day and i saw a girl crocheting at a bus stop and that's when i had the thought.

    if we both learn, we should send our creations to each other.

  5. @kaleena!!! Yes! Let's be crochet pen pals! Haha I love it! I'm never bummed that I have to eat fast food until im done eating it and feel like a whale. Then I'm like....bad choice. Giving it up for a month helped me drastically cut back. Good luck if you try it!

  6. Well, still, you did get to cross off 2 goals. And the blanket looks lovely. Besides, everyone gets gifts at Christmas, it's January and February that are the boring months, I always like it when something nice happens then;) I'm sure whoever that blanket is for would still be very happy:D

  7. That looks like a comfortable blanket

  8. @blue eyed night owl- you are so correct! These are the lame months when everyone needs a little pick me up! Thanks for the great idea. Plus if I have to wait to give it away until next Christmas I might never finish ;]
    @wheatgerm-it's surprisingly soft! So nice to curl under it while I'm working on it.

  9. such a great goal! my husband is actually an expert crocheter. it's crazy. he knitted beanies for all the men in my family last year. it's really sweet, and totally random, because he's a man's man through and through. i started knitting a blanket last year but it took me about six months to make the smallest little strip and i got so frustrated:) please blog your crocheting adventures!