Monday, April 13, 2015

Today I watched my sweet little nephew Hason. He's four months older than Maddox and they have a lot of fun together. It is funny to hear Hason talk in full sentences; like, "What happened?" when Evan stops to tie his shoe and Maddox just say, "Uh oh." to everything. They entertained each other all morning and I thought to myself, "Wow. This was easy. Self, you should have another baby. They could entertain each other all day long and you could read books and drink mimosas." And then Maddox bounced his face (eye, mostly) off of his bike chain and Hason cried for some unknown reason at the exact same time and they were both scream-crying at me and I didn't know who to pick up first but then Maddox was jealous and mad that I was holding another baby and both their noses were running like rivers and there was snot and tears and drool and chocolate and spilled milk all over me and I was like what is my life?! So, perhaps not another baby just quite yet for me. The boys did kindly draw me pictures of dogs and cats in chalk on my driveway and Maddox colored on Hason's face with a blue piece of chalk and they colored me a new welcome mat and there was a lot of sweetness like sharing and laughs while they played the piano and sang together so it wasn't a total S show. But. There was also an entire night of finding all the rogue legos and picking up the mess of two boys because if I ever thought that Maddox could be a destroyer of everything, I never encountered two boys the same age in a house together and that, my friends, calls for a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolate and probably a foot massage from my dear husband who was subject to my bipolar texts all day long.

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