Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/12 [round two]

Oh, hello last day of April. I don't even think that April was a thing. Just like a day we had between the last day of March and now the first day of May. I actually spent this last week home alone with Maddox while Evan traveled to Rhode Island for a youth conference with the youth pastors from our church. I decided it was a good idea to paint our living room and you are correct if you are assuming that it did indeed take me the entire week. Evan landed at 4:45 on Tuesday and I was finishing everything up at 11 that morning. High five, self!

In other news, I plopped my hair today. Well, last night. All night and it wasn't dry when I unplopped it at 8 this morning. That is a sign that I have too much hair. If you're wondering what plopping is, it's basically rolling your hair up and tying it in a cotton t-shirt to make it curl. You do it when it's wet and then let it dry in the t-shirt for an hour or two. I laughed at the two-hours because even when I blow dry my hair it takes longer than two-hours. So, like, whatever ploppers. I have more hair than all of you combined probs. You obviously cannot tell in this picture because it looks like a hot mess, but it really did curl and it even reverted to its triangle-ness. I mean, I almost took the scissors to it this morning but then tried out some bobby pins instead and the verdict is still out but Evan thinks it's fabulous and it took me 12 seconds to blast it with some hot air and pin it back. So, I'm considering trying it again with different product to reduce the triangle but keep the curl. We'll see. I like that it's called "plopping" and I love saying that I plopped my hair and people are just like WUT. So, that's fun.

We sure missed this guy last week and I sure missed having a diaper changing buddy and a car seat buddy (in and out of the car seat is just the worst for me) and a talking buddy and a laughing buddy. And Maddox missed tackles and tickles and just his dad in general. Never leave us again, EPC. ;]

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