Friday, April 10, 2015

our sling

I didn't buy this sling with the intention of carrying around a 28-pound, 36-inch two-year-old. I didn't buy it with any intentions at all except for hopefully saving my back while I trekked around LA. But then we forgot about the sling for an entire year. It sat in the back back back of my closet under an unfinished crochet blanket and below a whole hoard of hats. But I pulled it out for our garage and estate sale treks. And he cuddled up next to me and laid his head on my shoulder and didn't try to pry himself free one time. He might be almost 30-pounds, two and wild and rambunctious. He might like to yell "BAH!" in public because he's always testing out acoustics and trying to find his echo. He might like to gallop through the house and drive his hot wheels head first into the wall (he wears a helmet [backwards] because safety first). But he's still my baby. He even brings me his blanket, says, "Up!" and then asks to be held like a baby. And he still wants to be rocked to sleep and cuddled and kissed a thousand times before bed. And he's shy around strangers and always wants his mama. I'll take all these little baby things and hold onto them and wear this boy in this sling for as long as he lets me.

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